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    get your "bitch" journal out and purge these thoughts. PURGE PURGE PURGE.

  • TheCaptain, hello! Sorry for bothering you again. But today i learnt some unpleasant facts. Could you give advice please on how to treat this information (criticism).
    A colleague told me that another colleague (E) once (a year ago) discussed my personality at the job (among other colleagues). E. said that my students had told her that they felt pity for me and that my level of knowledge was mediocre, and as i understand E. even told them that they can not visit my lessons, if they didn't like them. I don't know for sure who these students were, but i can only guess and can even agree with this ccritisism, but i think it is not polite to discuss people behind their back .

  • @marishkaa people talk about each other behind their backs all the time. In this case, the information reflects on you professionally so you need to listen to it. It is not about whether other people are being 'nasty' or impolite or not - it is about whether what they said is true. You seem to agree with it, so do you need to increase your knowledge of what you are teaching? Is there some other teacher you trust to advise you and tell you honestly if this is correct? And perhaps how to go about getting more training or knowledge?

  • TheCaptain, i teach one subject, but different activities, and i think i am bad at talking activity, conversations. It is because of my lack of knowledge, as i think, but at the same time i think i have some psychological problem, as with some groups i fee more comfortable, but with others - it is even difficult for me to talk, i start to forget words , worry and so on (as if i am at the conference in front of many people).

  • @marishkaa it sounds like you would be better in a job that is less people-oriented and more private, like working in a library or doing research. But you could still stay in touch with people after work.

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  • @thecaptain maybe, the job that will be not so stressed. Thank you!

  • @TheCaptain said in Action/Advice/Outcome readings ...:

    What will be the likely outcome of
    What will be the likely outcome of me ignoring my intuition and trying to think positive instead of accepting things as they truly are

  • @Hologram8, ignoring your intuition will only lead to failure. Your intuition IS you, your Higher Self. By ignoring its voice, you ignore who you truly are and what you really need.

  • @TheCaptain ok thanks in advance. What advice do I need to know about Justin's intentions...what actions do I need to take...what will be the likely outcome of him continuing to come over.

  • @Dallyalot you need to get more distance from the situation, in order to gain an objectivity and perspective you don't currently have. The advice is stop Justin coming over or contacting you for a while so you can think clearly when he is not there and see how you feel. A break will also show you if Justin is still keen or if his interest was passing.

  • @TheCaptain actually had to call sheriff today. Long story but he'd been talking strange so asked him to explain. He thinks I'm an informant for police. Said he was trouble and I'm guilty. He had told me he does drugs. He has done work at my house but was always finding something else to do. I'm not an informant. So told him not to come by and blocked messenger and contacted sheriff. So hope that ends that. No sense of danger in cards right?

  • @Dallyalot maybe need to ask what are his intentions. Or focus more on him than me. I think he's spiraling now

  • @TheCaptain my name is candice born June 3rd 94 and Im in a bad place and have been needing answers about it all and its dealings with me.

  • @Candice1111 what exactly is your question?

  • @TheCaptain hi. I've talked to you before about a younger person who's interested in me but there's no real communication. Lately when I go into town I see him, He follows me and checks out behind me every time. I stopped trying to make eye contact. What exactly does he want from me..attention.

  • @Dallyalot I feel this is growing weird and stalker-ish. You need to end this.

  • @TheCaptain I don't feel threatened, maybe I should. Don't really know how to end it unless approach him

  • @Dallyalot yes you need to talk with him.

  • @TheCaptain
    Hi 🙂 Although I have already written here, I would like to ask you to help me get some answers regarding my relationship which is in the worst condition ever. I was born on November 25, 1991 and his date is June 21, 1991. I wonder what causes so many obstacles and issues in our relationship, which was wonderful and the love was definitely mutual. Is it really the existence of a third person (and who could it be, a female person or negative influences around him (people who don't want us to be together))? It even crossed my mind that he might be under the influence of black magic because sometimes I don’t have a rational explanation for his actions or behaviour. Besides, I'd like to get some insights for the future? Thank you. ❤

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