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  • Oh my dear Jayann, your "end of life nest"? That sounds as if you feel your life is already over. But it really isn't ....

  • Hi The Captain!!
    I'd like to ask two questions, please.

    1. What will be the likely outcome of my current quest to buy a home, now that my children and I have moved back down south to be with family?
    2. What advice can I get regarding the relationship between me and Peter? Should I go for it or am I wasting my time?

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  • @jayann, there is what the doctors tell you and then there is your willpower and spirit. I cannot count the number of stories I have heard about people being told they had only a short time to live and then they go on to live a very long and happy life. Your life is what you believe it to be. As Seventeenth-century English poet Richard Lovelace. said "Stone walls do not a prison make. External constraints cannot imprison someone whose spirit and thoughts are free."

  • @sunshine7959

    Outcome: contracts, agreements, transactions, making a formal commitment. You have the power to see things from a higher perspective. If you were a bird flying over your present situation, what would you see? Where would you be drawn to? When you soar above life's challenges and opportunities, you gain a new more objective viewpoint in which to bring your current circumstances in alignment with your highest purpose.

    Advice: you face challenges and adversity and the only way through is to distinguish reality from fantasy. You have the ability to land on your feet after overcoming great difficulty, but you do need to protect yourself from bad influences. An uncomfortable chaos and dark clouds surround you at the moment. You need to break free but may find it tough to do so. Yet synchronicity is at work behind the scenes, so the decision may be taken out of your hands or made for you.

  • @thecaptain
    You definitely have me. Spot on in regards to the chaos and dark clouds. Being in the house with my mother and stepfather, is rather difficult, as they are getting up in years, my siblings and other family members come by everyday and it's stressful for me and my kids. We need our own place without the constant chaos and drama.
    I have to mull over the other things. But you haven't been wrong any other times I have asked for your help, so I will take this all to heart.
    Thank you so much. I'm hoping this all works out n the wash. 🌼
    Thank you again, many blessings to you for all you do for the folks here!

  • As I read your latest message ... I wondered if you should write a book about your condition, life, challenges, etc. If it is too difficult to write ...maybe do on cassette tapes to be listened to or typed up by someone else. Your story might help others ... or even help find a cure or way to improve one's life or condition.

    When it is your time ...nothing can stop it. If what you are here to accomplish has been done ...then things will follow their course.

    BUT I believe in miracles - I have seen miracles ...and it is awesome and mind blowing!!!!
    Everything you think, do, feel ... each day ... can allow your total being to heal itself. It will fight for you and can win ... if it is not your time to leave.

    Be on a spiritual path each day ... pray and give thanks good for others in whatever way you can - even if it is just to share a smile or kind word.

    We can help you with your journey.

  • @thecaptain Sorry Captain didn't understand your post.

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  • @daliolite the problem between you and this guy is not his - it is yours. You need to deal with him for your own sake more than his or the relationship's sake so you can get beyond your fears. Yes, the relationship might not go anywhere but it certainly will go nowhere if you do nothing. You have to stop dillying around and find out if this guy wants a relationship with you or not. So you can either enjoy yourself or move on. But do stop over-thinking this!

  • Hello, TheCaptain.
    Can you tell me please, what advice do i need to know about my health, and about my job (what action do i need to take).

  • @jayann

    good to hear back from you. Your age doesn't matter for my interaction with you...just wanted to know in case you have someone else in your flat when I astral visit you (mentally-spiritually).

    I am going to be spending some time visiting you to add healing and energy to your being. I will be concentrating on the 'COUCH' area since that is where you are the most, you can be sitting or lying down on it ...makes no difference, just need a point of where to locate you.

    Is there an area of your body you would like worked on first? If not, I will radiate all over it.
    You don't need to do anything. IF you do "feel" anything or notice any change at all let me know ... as this will also tell me if there is progress and where.

    I will start tonight. I don't know when I will be there as it depends on what time it gets
    "quiet" here and I can fully meditate. You are loved.

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  • @jayann

    You got it!!!

  • @marishkaa

    Advice: Too often we sabotage our own health and happiness with incorrect or negative thoughts, as if feeling pain and suffering is virtuous and will lead us to Heaven or wherever. We may also self-sabotage - over-thinking or worrying so much that we become ill, or dropping out just as we near success. The consciousness of lack only produces more lack. If you live life according to right and wrong and what justice is supposed to be, you can feel happy that you remain honourable and better than those people who do not stay on the right side of the fence. Or you can just make excuses for why you are failing to meet your goals. You can blame ‘bad luck’ when it is really your own choices and decisions that have brought you to where you are today. And you can choose to be elsewhere too if you want. You create your own life and must take responsibility for it. Constant injustice in the world can be an excuse for why you do not want to change or work at it. You can also attract pity, self-pity, and attention if you spread the message that you have been the victim, then others will feel sorry for you, instead of criticizing you for inaction. But you will not be happy or healthy and moreover you will attract only bad luck/karma. Seeing the positive side even when times are tough is the mark of the true hero and evolved person. And heroes are always rewarded in the end. What you focus on brings it about. By focusing on what you lack or on what is causing you pain and ill health, you attract more of it – you ‘feed’ it and give it power over you. By focusing on how many good things you have in your life - counting your blessings - and by actively trying to make your life better, you will attract more good luck, happiness and health, The happier you feel about your life, the more your health, wealth and quality of life will improve. It all starts with you. there is no one else but you who can change your thoughts and attitude.

    Action: you are being called to lead others by your example. Every life is a teaching tool for others. Lead others (and yourself) into the light with love. Your authenticity and honesty can be a great example for those around you. So are you being authentic and honest about your life, who you are and what you want - or are you just doing what you 'think' you should do or what others want? Have you ever just done something for yourself? Acknowledge the wisdom and strength that you have gained in the adventure of life and the talents that you have. Be the one to voice what must be said and don't hesitate to give yourself a gentle push forward. You have to be your own best supporter. no one can live your life for you. Muster your courage and speak your needs aloud. This is not the time to hold back or be timid - you must ask for what you want and if you don't get it, look elsewhere. But you must get what you want. If you truly hate what you are doing, you must get out of that situation.

  • @badgerwoman

    And it has begun ... started last night at 8:30 my time (arizona, usa) and continued off/on through out the night and early morning. Will take a break and do again this morning.

  • @badgerwoman perhaps you might start a separate healing thread where any other healers could join you in a group session for those who need it?

  • @thecaptain

    what an awesome idea .......thank you for the support and suggestion! xxoo

  • okkkkk.....find time to sit and relax for a few minutes ...have a cup of tea or some kind of drink. Put your feet up if you are able and it is comfortable. Close your eyes and breathe deeply.
    See in your mind a bright white light. Make it cover you completely like a tent. Play with it if you are able ...make it move around you in a circle right to left and left to right. Make it pulsate. Make a brighter sliver of white light that you can move up and down your body...straight up and down ...and circling you. Hear a whirring sound if you like. As it gets in the area of your hips stop it and let it linger for awhile and send energy into it mentally, then move to the calf and do the same. When you feel its time ....thank it for its help..and see it fade away. Take a deep breath. Relax. You may want to sleep. Do as often as you want or need to.

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