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  • @TheCaptain my question is: what is going to happen in this lifetime between me and my love interest? what are his feelings about me?

  • @Tammy01, your partner withheld his most personal emotions from you at times, not wanting to annoy or bore you with what seemed to him to be petty problems; in effect he sacrificed his own need for closeness. This impulse was not addressed, and built-up frustrations one day boiled over in overwhelming anger. Unfortunately, the two of you are temperamentally unlike: your energy motor generally runs at a higher rpm than that of your partner. That means that, though his influence can be a calming one on you, he also puts his own interests aside and neglects them. Eventually, he tired of this self-sacrifice. He is less assertive and argumentative than you but kept too much to himself in order to preserve the peace. At the end, he had to leave to pursue his own life. I don't feel anyone else influenced his decision. He just needed alone time to think and decide what he wants to do without feeling he had to look after you as well. But he will find himself in this same situation over and over again unless he deals with his issue of suppressing his own needs for another person's needs. This relationship would have been better for friendship than love.

  • @TheCaptain
    Thank you for your answer. 🙏 We literally had an amazing relationship but then due to some personal issues, unfortunate circumstances, and our disorientation in it, it started falling apart. (It is a long-distance one so it wasn't easy to maintain.) It is true that we had a lot of arguments during the last couple of months and that our relationship has become toxic and painful due to it. It is also true how you descried both of us. I think that he was keeping more into himself to keep the peace while I can't say that I was doing the same. We both wanted to stop with it, but somehow it was as an addiction. From the other side, we really love each other so it is hard for both of us to move on. Do you think that it is fixable? Do you see any outcome? I would really like this relationship to work again. I don't know if I feel this way because I love him but since we met, I feel that he is my soulmate and destiny and even we are in this condition now I don't feel that is done and that it was supposed to be just that.

  • @Tammy01 there are a lot of unrealistic expectations and fantasies tied to this relationship and I don't think you see it clearly. You are very different people and I don't feel you will reconcile. Your real soulmate is out there, close by, waiting for your heart to be open again to a new lover.

  • @Curious I will need both birthdates to compare compatibility.

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  • @Curious, the best you can hope for here is friendship. A love affair would not be the soulmate union you might hope it would be. This matchup can bring out both the best and worst in you both. Within the relationship, neither of you is likely to back down from a confrontation, making a love partnership that requires daily contact fraught with periodic conflict and crisis. The main issue will be over which partner dominates the other. Since each person has an intense need to dominate, ego-tripping and resentment are likely to abound. It would not be a happy love affair. Also, I do feel your love interest is taken with someone else - or very soon will be.

  • @TheCaptain said in Action/Advice/Outcome readings ...:

    This matchup can bring out both the best and worst in you both.


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