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  • Daliolite, your advice card is -

    The Card of Commitment

    This situation exposes a need to show more commitment and responsibility, either from you to another person or another person to you or to projects you are engaged in. There must be more concentration than usual on the fulfilling of commitments. Every promise that is made must be fulfilled and every task undertaken has to be completed - this can extend deeply into personal or non-personal issues. Push yourself to succeed. Experiment with the situation and how you approach it. Causing problems or delays may be your subconscious’ way of telling you something wants/needs change. Demonstration of loyalty will likely mean a lot to those on the receiving end of your devotion. Pay attention to the people in your life and, when something seems to be upsetting them, don’t wait for them to tell you - ask them what’s wrong and they may appreciate your concern. If not, learn when they need their space and tell them you are there for them if need be. Stay committed and faithful for as long as reasonably possible. You must all treat others the way you want to be treated. Loyalty and devotion is being there for someone when they need your help and support to keep them going; it’s being faithful to those who may depend on you. To really understand a person, to be able to see their direction, actions, desires, strengths and weaknesses, you must actively contain all of your thoughts and feelings without pushing them down or acting them out. Receptivity isn’t about action, but it is very, very active. When you’re receptive, something magical happens. People shine. They literally light up and start wanting to be in your presence more because they see themselves reflected with no judgment, interference or prejudice. So next time you’re in the presence of another person, be they a friend, family member or stranger, practice the art of receptivity. Really, really listen to and be aware of them - not just to their words, but to their body language, their actions, the tone of their voice. And don’t try to change them, since you would also hate to be changed. You either accept them as they truly are or you walk away, grateful for the lesson you learned about yourself and your relationships and satisfied you gave your very best.

    This card suggests you keep trying to connect with this man as he may need your help.

  • @TheCaptain hi captain so this card generally reinforces what I've been trying to practice esp as of late. I organized and did the funeral for his brother, posted in paper also. He was more interested in my friends house but found out it was still in his deceased wife's name. This guy is paranoid and I've known it for a long time. He told me at one point that he thought the govt killed his brother. He takes care of his mom like I do. Generally about a wk ago was thinking about my own loneliness brought on a lot by total care of my mom etc. God's been showing me the importance of relationships and VALUE. It's really something to be cherished and shouldn't be so open to judgment opinions etc. Being open to the time and moment we share together. That's my big take away. So this card is validation. Also putting the boredom out of my mind is something I try and do. Been working on my artwork to produce a calendar and that's all about commitment. I've completed 10 pictures. Maybe my gift IS my commitment. I'll try to keep communicating but feel that's the end of our thread and it hurts. He had sent me tourist flyers of Hawaii as I planned to visit--then the pandemic. I left message on FB email and mail. I don't really see this card on his end but just something God's been showing me in a big way recently.

  • @Dallyalot ps your post sums up what I need to work on beautifully

  • @TheCaptain hi captain found out that his brother did pass. He passed the same age as his brother, my friend. I had questioned at times if my friend passed by natural causes. I'm relieved in that sense. Sad that I didn't get opportunity to visit. Covid made it hard. Do you think the commitment card could also be for my strengths.

  • @Dallyalot I think the card is a lesson to be learned at any time.

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