Action/Advice/Outcome readings ...

  • I can hopefully supply you with a good answer to one (or more if you feel you need it) of these questions -

    What advice do I need to know about ... .? (you fill it in the dots)
    What action do i need to take in the case of .... ?
    What will be the likely outcome of ....?

    Spirit will do the rest! So ask away - just one question.

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  • @thecaptain thank you! Ok, what advice do I need to to approach situation with love interest
    what action do I need...with same love interest
    what will be the likely outcome

  • Jayann, whatever you need to ask! One. two or three questions.

  • Dalliolite

    Advice: you need to abide by the 'law' or 'rules' of relationship here. Any unconventional or out of character behaviour (trying to be someone you are not) will only cause chaos and strife. Still, every storm can not only be destructive but can also bring new growth, so even if you encounter trouble here, the sun will shine again and you will have grown by your experiences.

    Action: you need to stop thinking and start doing here - you need to move quite fast and not slow yourself down with too much worry and over-thinking. Make your move or lose the game!

    Outcome: the relationship will not be without loss and sorrow but it will also give you joy and a sense of achievement. In short, you will be filled with life.

  • @thecaptain i know you did a reading for me. But I have so many questions. May I ask another question about my job search?
    What can I do to get a job in my career field? What action should I take? What will be the outcome of trying a new job in my field? I just want to be in control, and follow it through to my end goal.
    (I was just packing up my stuff at my ex husband's. ) I saw all my books and notes from school. I kept thinking, why I didnt keep looking in my field? Did I give up cause I was afraid of failure? I did really good in school, and I dont see why I can't apply what I learned in a job setting, and be successful at it.

    (I still want to be more creative. I was thinking about writing a sci-fi, thriller book, while looking for work).

  • Action: sometimes in life you'll bump up against what appears to be an insurmountable obstacle like a huge mountain that separates you from success. You might think that climbing over or chiselling away at it is the answer. But why take such a treacherous, tedious approach? Are you trying to go higher or do you just want to move on down the road? Be like the river that flows around a mountain naturally. Choose the easy way around and you will move past the obstacle in your path quickly. Remain open to a new possibility rather than rushing ahead or trying to force it. It is time to adapt to your circumstances. But if you do decide to make the climb, take one step at a time, opting for the next right action. Use your head, not your heart (emotions) or your fears. An important moment of inspiration will provide you with guidance and direction.

    Outcome: foreign connections or travel, international trade, expanding your horizons to move outside your comfort zone, unfamiliar places, deep beautiful change within you, a long journey that brings transformation - part of the old you needs to die so that a better you can emerge. A letting go of old ways and old thinking.

    (And might I add that everyone is in control of their lives all the time. You just have to find out why you are stopping yourself having what you want. Hint: it will be from fear.)

  • @thecaptain I think about this a lot. There is a huge age difference here. One eve had to go to his employment to pick something up. He left his area and walked real fast in front of me, trying to get my attention. Wanted to go up and talk w/him but I always feel I may be over-stepping, etc. When I left, he was already in parking lot. He started racing his car in parking lot, again to get my attention. This freaked me out. I feel that his boss has an inkling that he likes me and I feel awkward and don't want to disrupt his work, etc. I've decided that he'll have to ask the first question--do you like me. Is that the rules that you refer to. What impression do you have regarding rules. I really didn't see this coming and certainly don't know how to respond except being myself. Half is scared, half is straightforward.

  • @thecaptain thank you so much! I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. Your reading made a lot of sense to me. Thats how it feels sometimes when I come across an issue, that its like this hill that I am trying to climb and I worked so hard to get up it, that I dont see an end to it. So thats why i took a break and took a job making less money just so I could pay my bills. A part of me worries that my boyfriend wont stick around, but if he really loves me as much as he telle me. I believe he will wait for me to figure myself out and pull myself tofether after my divorce. Thanks for your help. I always get so much information from them. Thanks Captain!!

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  • @daliolite - but you are not being yourself - you say you feel awkward and uncomfortable around this guy. You need to at least become friendly with him. An age gap is nothing - love depends more on emotional and spiritual compatibility. Playing by the rules of romance means giving this guy a chance to prove himself. He may be waiting to get a sign from you - a definite sign, because men are not as good at noticing subtle signals as women. You are still over-thinking this.

  • @thecaptain

    It is hard for me to understand your story ... I do get the part about your whole life has been about struggle, hard work and starting over, again and again. You are tired, beaten down, and feeling lost .... not out of faith or fight ... but scared. The part I can't get a grip on is about this man.

    He is your boss? You feel awkward and uncomfortable around him. Can you explain why?? I get the feeling it is because he is intelligent, successful, sharp dresser, suave,
    sexy and gives no clues about himself.

    You feel "out of his league" so to speak ... not worthy ....not as beautiful to women you think he would like or does like ...reminds me of the movie Pretty Woman .... she feels awkward around him especially at the resturant trying to eat osters , having to be told about how to use all the forks/spoons ...or at the horse races ....but she's having a great time and still is being herself even with all the stares, nasty comments from women, advances of other men, and feeling out of place.

    What would truly like to say to him .... how would the 'REAL YOU' ACT if you KNEW he was interested. What if he were a younger man?

    I was recently with such a man ... only he was much younger than me ... and it felt the same way. Come to find out HE was feeling the same way - trying to figure out how to act and think around me ...hoping not to look stupid or strange since we were so different.
    Once we knew this about each other we relaxed acted our true selves and things felt comfortable and relaxed and became "beautiful" and normal.

    Tell us more so we can get a better picture of what is really going on. You still don't say much about him.

  • @jayann

    Advice: you may be rely too heavily on your material achievements or comparing your life to other people's when you assess how happy you are. Perhaps you say "I'll be happy when I meet the right lover/ make the right amount of money/reach my ideal weight/am healthy..." etc. But why wait to arrive at the perfect destination before allowing yourself to experience pure joy and sheer delight? Read a good book, sit out in nature, see a baby, play with an animal, watch a sunset ... become in awe of life and see its beauty. This will lead to a true sense of bliss. Live in the reality of your situation and not hang onto the fantasy of what you would like it to be. Be alive, be grateful and understand that happiness is 'an inside job.' Nothing outside can make you happy if you are not first happy within yourself.

    Action: first have patience because although you may not see it, matters are developing beneath the surface like seeds growing before they blossom. This is a time of quiet and dormancy for you to rest and replenish your energy, but soon you must leave this period behind and take action! You will know when it is time because you will feel more energy and motivation coming to you. Also some very good news will spur you on. To have the life you really want, you have to match its vibrational energy and resonate with it. Sometimes our greatest hurts and disappointments can awaken us to our need to shift to a higher frequency of energy. just like tuning a radio to a station that plays joyful songs instead of ones full of pain and suffering. It's your choice to make. Discomfort and misery can lead you to seek a more authentic life. At the moment, your level of positivity and life force is quite low. You have the power though to raise it just by positive thinking and living. Just one day of living happily can bring a week of rewards o or more.

    Outcome: the way you can bring about the best possible outcome for yourself is to accept that yes, you have and will continue to face challenges and trials in your life. This is not a punishment on something you have done or payback, it is something everyone goes through, though it may not seem like it. This is life! People make the mistake of thinking we all came here to be happy which is in fact incorrect. We all come here to evolve through pain and suffering, because unfortunately the human race learns nothing through joy, peace and harmony. happiness is just a by-product from evolving. Life is a challenge designed to help us learn and grow and you can either take it on with fortitude and hope or you can bury yourself under regret and self-pity that doesn't allow you to move forward. As soon as you see the lessons you have to learn from the things you are experiencing (eg. if you have drawn people to you who let you down, then perhaps you are learning to be more discriminating or to look within to see what emotion/need in you drew such people in the first place), there will be no more need for those lessons to recur. You must rekindle the spark within you and move forward with hope and trust.

    (Also when you lose everything, it is usually a message from the Universe - and caused by your own higher self who knows you best - that the things you had were not the things that would really make you happy. It is a piece of advice to reassess everything you hold dear and let go of anything not meaningful or serving you.)

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  • This post is deleted!

  • @jayann

    my dear .... I sit here crying for you. May I get personal with you - ask questions you do not have to answer?

    How old are you? You said " my flat"....what country do you live in? Do you have a special chair you sit in a lot? Do you sit in front of a fireplace? Do you have a little alter of sorts in your home?

    I was successful years ago with "distance healing" ... and would love to try to try this with you if you are willing. No guarantees. You can participate or not ....makes no difference.

    let me know.

  • @thecaptain We had a friendly conversation yesterday. You're right, I do need to be myself. That involves coming clean with him and myself. I want to ask him--are you interested. Do you feel that he'll own up. I don't think he's as worried about what others think as I. This has been an issue w/me. He asked me yesterday what I was doing that day but I said I had to work which is true. Do you get any insight into his personality.

  • @daliolite I just get giddy (majorly) around him.

  • @daliolite

    I feel a mature, kind soul, one who can be very entertaining, delightful to be around, full of adventure, knowledgeable, stable and lonely. I would not ask him if he is interested in you -
    as his seeking you out to talk to already says YES to that question.

    If you only knew of something he is into or likes that you could talk about. Too bad you didn't say you were working BUT would be free after such and such time....leaving it open for him to ask about LATER that night. Don't get too he is fascinated by your NOT chasing him or acting too eager or being childish. He is observing you as if you were a rare creature and he wanted to watch more.

  • @daliolite, don't ask him if he likes you because you want to know. Do it because you fear rejection or humiliation. Push yourself anyway.

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