What Decks Are You Drawn To?

  • Hello! I wanted to pose a question to the Tarot.com audience related to the types of tarot cards you feel speak to you when you are getting a reading from a tarot reader. There sure are a lot of decks out there, so sometimes this can be an overwhelming question. But in general, when you are receiving a reading, what tarot decks are you most comfortable seeing on the table? If you know the names of these decks, feel free to list them out! Also, I'm curious in general what types of cards you feel most comfortable with or drawn to? For example, do you like cards with loud colors, cards with animals rather than people, cards that have multi-cultural representation, and so on?

    I'd love to hear your thoughts!

  • Hi, As a reader I find that when I go to someone else for a reading I don't mind which deck they use and I find The card I am drawn to is the one that I feel resistant to, I know I don't really want to hear the message but yet my eyes can't stop being drawn to it ... it is like I can feel this STOP RESISTING within me because if i don't face it immediately it will keep coming up...
    It is a bit like face your fears and do it anyway....

    I find I work with a variety of decks too many too name and my preferences changes all the time... so overall I don't have anything specific I like, each deck has its own personality ... )Tools too ....

  • I started over loving the Native American Tarot and the decks with similar themes, By Magda Weck Gonzales, still love this deck, but am absolutely loving The Starman Tarot and Serefina's Modern tarot (something a wee bit different for me) Three very different decks at the moment ....

  • @hekatesxing I know what you mean about being drawn to the card you are resistant to. That is a recurring theme in some anecdotes I've come across. I've tried to put myself in that spot of querent recently because it has been so long since I've been read, believe it or not. That needs to change.

    As I reader, I definitely have preferences - Haindl, Motherpeace and Flornoy's Dodal Marseille are the top decks for me right now. But I have expanded my collection over the years based on this question I ask here specifically. I think I need to go out and get read soon and come back with my own answer, too!

    Thanks for your feedback, @hekatesxing - I love to hear from tarotists what moves them.

  • @hekatesxing I have been eyeing the Starman deck for a while now! It is so dynamic and diverse. I'll buy it this year, I suspect. I want to love the Native American tarot, but I've resisted that one as I have family from two different tribes. I've not become as familiar with that part of my heritage as I should, I suppose, and I always worry something in decks like this might be offensive or inaccurate. That said, I've looked at the cards in this deck and they are wonderful! I have Rachel Pollack's Shining Tribe deck which as a beautiful thread of tribal and ancient imagery without being too specific.

  • @ianbryanttarot

    Hello ... so nice to hear from a man on these forums. Nick is the only other man I have met here so far. WELCOME.

    It is comforting to hear you love the variety of the cards and meanings ....they all become like family members, so different and unique, each which its own personality and message.

    I have been drawn to different decks over the years ...and like you I do like Motherpeace. And egyptian was a focal point for me at one time in my life when I was always dreaming of egyptians and crocodiles. Loved an africian deck because the art and meanings seemed so accurate. Tried gypsy. Used 2 native american decks and always got a spiritual feelng of reverence and peace with them. And many others.

    The last few years I have been drawn to more of a "simplier" deck/message. Pictures and meanings are simple, direct, and easy to understand. The designs incorporate clues as to the meanings so you can click into the vision of what is being shown.

    Also tried iching, runes, numerology, regular cards, etc....but am always pulled back to the tarot. I am also looking for a new deck .....something calls to me but I don't know what it is yet.

    Years ago I displayed many of my decks at the local public library (its free) and a lot of interest and feedback. And was contacted by newspaper reporter who wanted to do an interview. Which I did and an article/photo of display was printed in the paper a week later.
    You might like to try this as well.

  • @badgerwoman Thanks for the welcome! Nice to be here. I can't tell you why there might not be as many men here in the Forums but I do hope more join and chime in. It's great to have different perspectives and I know Tarot.com has a very diverse readership.

    You pose an excellent suggestion. Being out with people where you can talk face-to-face and really connect is a wonderful way to get feedback. I live in Los Angeles and there are actually lots of opportunities to do something along the lines of what you suggested. Thanks for that!

    I wish you the best of luck in your new deck search. I know that journey well and it can be a very emotional one. You raise a great point about simplicity, too. Sometime the more complex the deck the harder it is to connect to. I like to have a variety of decks so when I need deep imagery I have it, and when I need a simple illustration to get me the message I need I have that too.


  • @ianbryanttaro

    You are very refreshing and interesting to talk to. Down-to-earth, honest, humble, and chatty. I lived many years in Calif and loved it. Although face-to-face is great ...any way of being able to communicate is important.

    Face to face I found I was able to "feel" things about the other person ...and occassionally it was actually on overload! With this type of person I also found out that every time I was around him/her whether doing a reading or not, the connection was "open" to receiving info. Found this to be so exciting and encouraging.

    Yup ... intend to look here first for the NEW tarot ...and will know it when I see it. Am excited.

    Wishing you all the best ... be sure to pop in on any topic as often as possible. And oh. I am sure MANY of us would be happy to do readings for YOU ... just ask. lol

  • @ianbryanttarot

    oops ..spoke too soon ...is there a website or such that will show the cards? I thought there was one on this website but don't see it now. thanks

  • @badgerwoman Why, yes, there is a link! Here you go:


  • @ianbryanttarot

    ok .. went here earlier ... just did not check it out better .... thanks!!!

  • Ethereal Visions! For the love of God, I'm unable to get my hands on this deck 😭

  • @raspberrygirl I love that deck! I don't own a copy myself but if you're referring to the Matt Hughes deck I'm sure I've seen it at a reasonable price on eBay. Have you tried there?

    What attracts you to the deck? Have you ever had a reading that used it?

  • @ianbryanttarot yes that's very it!

    I can't explain why I'm drawn to that deck. The first time I saw it, i said to myself, that's my deck. It's like being attracted to another person. Haha!

  • @raspberrygirl

    wow ... you two have me SO curious .....gotta see them. Yes, a deck can "call" to you alright!

  • @ianbryanttarot

    You mentioned " have you ever had a reading that used it" ... is this a deck for specific types of readings???

    btw ...visited your instagram .... interesting place you have there. Nice to see the decks displayed, alter, etc. Do you use your cards for ceremonies? I have on occassion ... but was
    pleased to see you are "authentic" in your dedication to them.

  • @badgerwoman Ethereal Visions tarot is Art Nouveau in style, so like any tarot deck it's all in how you approach the art personally. It's definitely not for specific types of readings. It's based on the Rider-Waite-Smith method.

    Once upon a time I used to use Golden Dawn style decks for personal ceremonial purpose, but not anymore. I stick to a more "familiar" use of the cards for cartomancy, drawing from methods old and new. I do a lot thinking about new spreads and ways to use the cards in creative ways.

    Thanks for visiting my Instagram! I'm just getting started but I am trying to honor the cards as best I can.

  • @ianbryanttarot

    thank-you for explaining your "site" as well as your methods of readings/cards and the specific deck I asked about. Appreciate that. Do you get points or anything according to how many people visit you? I will be stopping by now and then to see if you have added anything new. Nosey and curious.

    btw = what is instagram? I am of an older generation and don't know what all this twitter and instagram and other stuff is. LOL.

  • @badgerwoman I'm happy to elaborate! Regarding Instagram, the basic function of it is to visually communicate ideas in one shot. It's a free service, so I don't think I'm getting any points for visitors or likes! I'm almost 50 myself so I don't do the Internet the way many of the young tarot lovers I follow on Instagram do. It's a lot more simple than Facebook and that's the main reason I like it. The image is the main focus, and if I come up with a new spread I want to get input on, I can put it up there. I'm thankful for forums like these, though, because ultimately conversation is what keeps us all in understanding 🙂

  • @ianbryanttarot

    aaaahhhh. I see. That makes sense. I am 70 yrs and not up with all these new things. You are so kind to always take the time to help and explain.