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  • @badgerwoman Poor doggo 😞

  • your reading the yearly over view ... then the rest of this year and up till your birthday of next year.

    yearly: stress card, major crossroad. Resolve the conflict you resolve the problem. Dividing self into several projects. worry about health. feel urge to be creative and explore too many
    avenues at same time. flow with energies and do things to stay relaxed and at peace with self

    also: I am changing the way I am in relationships. I end up separated or divorced by end of year.

    july 4-aug 24 unexpected money, possibly through communication field. Happy and fun birthday! Sudden social success, promotions of publications are favored.

    aug 25-oct 15 stabilityand contentment in family and love matters, fairness in matters of the heart, a karmic love affair, negates travel plans or plans to make changes in the home or family. Alsotheft or rip-off in home, an unfaithful or dishonest lover, creative ideas around the home or in selling artistic or home products.

    oct 16-dec 6 worry and indecision in matters dealing with money, lawsuits or work. Work two jobs at once, restlessness and aggressive creativity. Losses in a legal battle or related to some male. Could lose your job due to argument or dispute. Relationships with men during this time not good.

    dec 7-jan 28 one of the best money cards. Financial success in all areas by using your mind or ability to communicate. Success in publishing, teaching, writing, speaking, education, or communication fields.

    jan 29-mar 21 large sum of money through illness, loss or death of someone. Possible inheritance. Or connection to death, hospital, healing, or meeting of doctors. Don't bully
    others during this period.

    mar 22-may 12 Satisfaction and success in real estate, work, health, land or farm, labor groups or service organizations. Great influence for professional psychics or one with intuitive gifts and if work with computers or high tech fields.

    may 13-july 3 Long business trip or change in location of the business. Be watchful for deception or misunderstanding, possible secret financial transaction, unclarity in values and miscommunication in business affairs.

  • @badgerwoman Thanks for the reading but I am a lil scared .. too many things.. too lil understood lol. Mixed feelings.A bit confused.Hope everything goes well. Keeping fingers crossed. Will keep you posted 😄

  • @badgerwoman
    Very funny...made me laugh... of course after the fact, which makes it funny.

  • @badgerwoman
    That was for the snow story 🙂

  • @anon-undertaker-0

    don't be overwhelmed ... just look at the year for now and go by the dates you've been thru and are in. Look at other dates when you are in that period. Have a safe move. xxoo

  • @tarotnick

    lol ...yes, funny .... hehe but not to them. Kept them wondering after that tho.

  • @badgerwoman
    That is why I laughed...I can see them looking over their Mom checking us out...we better not do that....hahahaha...innocent fun.
    On another note, I always felt you didn't need a tool to do what you did... like a scrying bowl or something to assist that thought, but not only thought but to sense. Funny I keep telling my brother that I can get up to what I call my (black window) but I can't go outside to travel, he says be patience just wait that I am blocking myself and it will come...patience is a big Pain! Through your story it is I will keep trying.

  • Yes it IS possible. I simply use my mind and "will" it to go where I want to be. If that doesn't happen ... I try to create THE image I saw our car ....gave it as much detail as I could so I could LOCK onto that particular car. Then I visualized each of my girls and where they would be sitting. Next I added in the weather ....and then relaxed and allowed the image to come to life and I saw movement and sound. Now I could observe what was happening because I put myself inside the car.

    I wonder if you changed the color of the "window" if anything would happen? Play with it. Or change its shape or size.. You are blocking it ...maybe out of fear ....maybe you feel failure.

    Don't just have patience ....PLAY with your mind and spirit ... like you are in a dream. Keep me posted. I would love to hear how your doing.

  • @badgerwoman
    The window is framed and beyond the window is the universe...darkness. The blocker is I can go up to the window but I can't get through.
    Mentally I know I can go through that I am tethered was a good description, so I am not worrying about getting lost or anything. I have made the window wider but as I get close it's like I can only look out. Surrounding the window is a grey cloudy in appearance which is why I say it's like a window. That has a rectangle shape, sort of like a bay window that is defined.
    I will try and change it to a glass door maybe... give it a shot...


  • vveeerryyyy interesting....I feel your body is trying to go through to the other side ... this is not
    possible ... needs to be your "spirit body" or astral body that travels through. No you will not get lost and will always make it back safely.

    Need to RELAX completely and "visualize" your astral body sliding to the other side ...maybe a finger or toe at first ... it takes concentration. If music, or candles, or alcohol help you to relax and drift easier then use. Talk to your astral body and tell it to go thru the window/door to the other side.

    Or visualize a person, place, or thing on the other side ...and tell your astral body you want to go to that.

    Keep trying ... do not force ...

  • @badgerwoman I will. Thanks. xoxo ❤ Hugs.

  • My daughter's death....

    A long time ago .... I adopted out my newborn baby girl ...did not want to, but long story short I
    was not able to care for her. No I was not on drugs, alcohol or anything bad. Just young, had not finished high school yet, no job, no home, etc.

    Lived my life ...never forgetting her, always remembering her birthday and wondering. Married, finished high school, had kids, worked jobs ...but had a hole in my heart. My hubby and kids knew about her.

    One evening I was in the kitchen alone fixing dinner when all of a sudden I dropped to my knees on the floor overcome with tears and anguish. I kept hearing "mama mama" ...and I somehow knew this was my girl ...dying, reaching out to me. I told her I was there, I loved her, never forgot her, to be at peace.

    I don't know how long I sat there crying ..but eventually wiped my face and got up. I had a crock pot going so nothing was burning, thank goodness.
    I told my kids and they just looked at me ...not knowing what to do or say.

    Shortly after we moved to another town when my hubby retired. Here I got online and started to search for my daughter. I found a site for birth mother's searching and to make a long story short after a few weeks I had her name and adopted information. I got to make contact with the adopted mom and found out my daughter had wanted to search for me ...and also that she had died. The adoptive mom promised to send pictures and details about her but disappeared because the pain of reliving it was too much for her.

    So my daughter KELLY did come to me. And she had NO problem knowing me or finding me. Love has no boundaries ....there was a "cord" connecting us all along.

  • Years ago I got divorced from my alcoholic hubby and was forced to move out-of-state by my lawyers advice since my x was threatening to kidnap the girls and move back to Ireland. My new hubby was retiring from the military so this made up our minds about whether to live where we were or move back to the state his parents lived in. So we moved.

    Six months after being there I started getting "strange" feelings ...I could not put my finger on. When we left the house I got the feeling ....when I walked a few blocks to the ocean I got the feeling. It was as if we were being watched and followed. Made no sense to me. Who? Why? I didn't see anything unusual or anyone that looked suspicious or out of place. We lived on a secluded, quiet street and knew everyone that lived there.

    ONE interesting thing though ...during this "feeling watched" at home ... dozens of crows or ravens would show up in our back yard and sit for hours. No one else's yard ...just mine.
    Very creep. So now I knew there was something weird going on. I called a psychic friend of mine and told her what was happening and she told me it was a warning/protection that I was being watched and something sinister was happening that concerned me. To be very careful and aware at all times.

    Long story short x was not paying his child support so I contacted a lawyer and district attorney about it. My x contacted both of them and said he had been making payments and could prove it. (say what????)

    The investigation showed that my x and his girlfriend had driven to my town and watched
    us ...specifically what bank we went to. Then they somehow made it look like they were putting the payments into my bank account. How sneaky.

    BUT ...I was able to prove that it was NOT MY BANK ...they had followed us to the bank my mother-in-law used ...we were only along for the ride as we were all going out to dinner afterwards.

    BUSTED! They then had to start making the payments to the COURT as they had been instructed to do all along. AND to pay the back support they had not paid through the court. I don't know why they did not go to jail. I think they should have.

  • @badgerwoman So sorry to hear about your daughter mommy! I am crying :(... Spirits have no bounderies, she let you know that she loved you. It's a soul connection thing.

  • @badgerwoman yes they should be jailed.. sneaky frauds.. Law is strange some times it punishes the innocent but sets criminals free. Damn!

  • @anon-undertaker-0

    thank-you sweetie ... I feel her with me from time to time and now its smiles and not tears

    and yes, they got away with a crime but I am sure karma will take care of it in the end. haha

  • It just dawned on me that when I look at your picture next to your answer has the SAME goofy grin you use in your emoiji's are such a fun, silly, little creature!!

  • @badgerwoman 😂 hehe!

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