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  • please share experiences ... your own or that you know of

  • @badgerwoman I have tried many times to look out for them but I think they hate me and never ever appear in my presence. On the other hand my mom feels them and can tell if something is there. I haven't seen a single ghost in my life but I am positive about seeing one in future. Or else I will become one and haunt my hubby..😂😂💀💀🙈

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    well you have the right attitude ...

  • you mean I'm the only one here who's experienced ghost - haunting?

    Last week I was sleeping in the recliner and woke up because I felt a big, hairy dog rub against my bare leg twice, like it was passing by. Strange feeling. I wasn't afraid but curious what was up

    Next day I told my roommate and she looked at me dumb founded. She hesitated a minute and then said that the same thing happened to her earlier that same day. She said she had a big, hairy dog a few years ago that lived with her in this house but he died awhile back. She loved him a lot.

    So we are thinking it was him ... as nothing else comes to mind.

  • I have had many ghost experiences through out my life and have come to feel they are normal for me. Most are not scary or harmful ...but a few times it was.

    Years ago, when I lived in MInot, ND I had a LOT of psychic visions/ghosts when reading tarot card.

    One sunny afternoon, sitting in front of a large window at the kitchen table with my best friend, drinking coffee ... I was doing a tarot reading for her. As I finished the reading and we started to talk about it .... as I stared out the window I suddenly put up my hand to silence her - and she got quiet ...knowing something was happening.

    Everything around me faded away and I saw an older man walking across the empty field
    towards us but angled slightly more to the right. I watched him and wondered who he was and what he was doing because something seemed "different" but I
    didn't know what it was. I watched as he walked straight to the home across from me and walked inside without opening the front door.

    When nothing else happened I started telling my friend what I had seen and wondered who it was and what was going on.

    Suddenly my phone rang teen-age daughter answered it. The lady across the street was on the phone crying and asking if my daughter could come over right away to babysit ...the hospital had called her to say her father had just died.

    My friend and I just stared at each other. She loved it when I had these episodes when she was around.

  • another ghosty story

    my best friend, carol, was visiting and wanting a tarot reading. This time we were sitting in the livingroom on the floor, one on each side of the long, low table. In the middle of the reading I felt someone's presence ... and stopped and looked at her and didn't speak. She looked at me but didn't say a word. I sat still for awhile looking around the room trying to figure out "who, what, where" .... and then I turned my head towards carol and saw a large
    bear, not angry or aggressive, standing behind her. In my head I heard the words " I love you, I'm here to protect you." Then he faded away.

    This has never happened to me before so I was excited, curious and bewildered. It was daylight outside for pete's sake.

    I took a deep breath and told her what I saw and heard. She started to cry. I asked her if she knew what it meant? She said she thought she did. Not long before she met me she was dating a man, who was the local radio announcer. He was a big man ...and his nickname was BEAR. That gave me chills to hear. He had died recently. She thinks he came to let her know he was still there. She was in shock. I made a pot of coffee and we sat for a long time talking about her reading and the visit. She went home happy.

  • @badgerwoman I wish my mom could join this forum. She has similar experiences like you do. She says she sees people and sometimes feels hand touching her head. At night she often feels somebody is trying to lie down against her. After my dad passed away she has feels his presence often. After our pet cats passed away she has seen a few of them too.
    If I discuss this with anyone they will think I am either joking or my mom is a basket case but infact my mom is a healthy 60 years old with perfect eyesight and she can run, jump,walk etc. No brain issues either. She can even tell if something is gonna happen - good or bad. Its scary sometimes.

  • @badgerwoman My God that bear story gave me goosebumps and tears at the same time. From My childhood I am in to ghost stories and paranormal stuffs. It gives me a strange thrill as I believe in them, I know they are there but you cant see them.
    My mom was a nurse and she has few stories of her too at the hospital. Once she saw a murdered victim ready to go for postmortem. She just passed by her corpse and didnt give a thought about it. That same night that dead girl was in her hostel window trying to tell her something but couldn't due to her ghostly choking voice. At that sight my mum screamed and ran for help. She was so young then. There are many stories like this. My mom told me all and I will try to share with you.

  • @badgerwoman Can you tell me how to find one's spirit animal? I want to find mine.
    I am a cat person to the core and picked up lots of characteristics from them lol 😂. Have been with cats from my childhood. I am moody, sassy, independent, lazy, loves to sleep,homebody etc. Does it has anything to do with my spirit animal? Howz I relate so much with cats it makes me wonder sometime.
    My hubby says that I am a human cat.Go figure.😂

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    ok ... now there you go! Not everyone will experience anything ... just be open to the idea.

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    there are books on it I believe ( buy or borrow from public library or ask library to request from other libraries if they don't have one).

    lots of times you know who they are by what enters your life or dreams or they keep coming into your life by sight, sound, presence, or mental images.

    you say you are into CATS .... then, yes, this would definitely be one of your spirit animals.
    you can have several .... depending on what you need in your life at any given time.

    learn about your spirit animal as much as you can as to their personalities, traits, characteristics so you will know what they can help you with. they can guide you, protect you, inspire you, comfort you, heal you , etc. AND you can ask them to help you help others.

  • @badgerwoman ok Thank you I will definitely look out for any books. I just love the idea of it.
    Yes cats have really something to do with me I am sure. Their purr is so comforting to me and their energy makes me calm and happy. Just by touching their soft fur I feel joy.❤

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    yes, many ghosts are at hospitals ... for obvious reasons. Not many employees will talk about it. Many refuse to work the night shift for this reason alone. I would love to hear about all the stories your mom wants to share. She is not crazy or sick ... she has a special gift and should feel honored to have it.

  • another ghosty story

    Living in freezing ND weather in winter ... ice, blizzards, snow ...makes it dangerous to drive, especially at night with the black ice issue.

    One early evening my two teenage girls were driving home from school. There had been a snow storm all day and the roads were terrible. It was my day off from work and I was cooking dinner and got an uncomfortable feeling about my girls. I stopped what I was doing and sat in a chair. I visualized the car and waited until I could see the inside of the car and both girls sitting in the front seat listening to music.

    They looked scared and were driving at a crawl. I looked outside the windows to see the road conditions were bad and the road was almost blocked in some areas as the wind blew snow across its path. The tires slid now and then but my daughter was doing all she could to stay on the road safely.

    I spoke to them in my mind... you are safe, you are doing a good job, you will get home ok,
    you are almost there... I will stay with you until you reach the driveway. And I did, I sat and
    kept the picture of them in my mind - put a white light around the entire car- and prayed for help, safety and peace until they pulled into the driveway.

    When they came inside the house .. they were shakey from the stressful ride. I told them to go get into comfortable clothes and I would have dinner ready on the table when they came out.

    We sat at the table and I told them about my visit to them in the car. What big EYES you have I could have said to them ... they were so surprised to hear I was with them in the car.
    They said they KNEW it was me and loved it but got creeped out too because they wondered if I had done this to them other times, like when on a date. LOL.

  • I lived in an apt not far from where I live now ... with my last husband. A few years after living there strange things started happening. We had no idea who was doing things, or if it was the same person each time, or different times. Seemed to be "grand central station" there for awhile.

    One evening I was sitting at the kitchen table playing games ...when all of a sudden the long
    venetian blinds on the sliding door made a loud WOOSH sound and the blinds started swinging crazy from left to right for no reason, like someone ran out that door. This happened on one other occassion too.

    Once- we heard a loud noise at the front door like someone came in and slammed it shut.
    No one there.

    Several times my hubby was sleeping and woke up to see a little girl standing next to him watching him. He didn't know her or recognize her. Freaked him out bad.

    Many times we were watching tv and loud banging noises were heard in the kitchen, and other times loud popping noises in there too. We went in there and nothing was out of place or different. We never figured out what this was all about.

    When my hubby moved out ... nothing happened any more. (ahah?)

  • Remember the space ship that blew up in space ... with a female teacher aboard?

    That morning I had a feeling something terrible was going to happen ... no idea what ... I started crying for no reason, off and on. I felt sick to my stomach and wanted to go home. Wanted run and run and run in a panic. I told a close friend about my feelings to verify
    them in case something important did happen.

    Two hours later it was announced on the inter-com where I worked (public school) and everyone was screaming and in a panic. Every tv in the building went on to watch the news and see for themselves that it was true. I cried again. And so did many others.

  • ghosty story

    A close friend, living in Conneticut ... was having problems. She lived with her boyfriend and his college age son. Can't remember the details right off but she wanted me to prove to the son about psychc stuff he was being a real pain .... so I told her to tell him I would visit him in his room and then discribe it to him.

    I spent a week mentally sending my spirit out to him ... and a week later talking to him on the phone and discribing the lay out of the room. It freaked him out when I told him I came in through the window on the right side of the bed and that it was a strange octagon shape.

    Any way ... things got easier for my friend after that. And I got in some good practice.

  • ghosty story

    I was doing a reading for a famous artist in our town, we were at a mutual friend's house. He had stopped by unexpectedly ...and asked about his future works for the year.

    We sat at a large table facing each other ... and I closed my eyes for awhile ... then opened them and looked up into the air above his head ... and said " I see 3 paintings - they are coming to me one at a time - they are in the order of when you will paint them. The first one is rather small, easy to do and won't take long to finish. The second one will be not long after and larger in size and paying very well. The third one is the most interesting. It is one you have wanted to do for many years and haven't painted, although you yearn to attempt it. It is VERY large, complicated and will take some time to finish. A wealthy person will offer a big sum of money ....and you will sell it. You will feel happy to have done the painting you have put off far too long."

    He looked at me and was speachless. I just sat there looking at him. Then he said he had taken a trip years ago and had taken many photos of things he'd like to paint ... one was of a bus, with several decks, full of people. He had wanted to paint this for a long time but didn't know if he could devote that much time and effort into it to complete it .... and also wondered if anyone would be interested in buying it.

    I told him to follow his heart ... that I saw him painting it and receiving money for it.

    He did paint it and asked an enormous price ...... got an offer, but for slightly less ... but took the offer. All this before the end of that year - so he didn't waste any time in taking on the

  • a ghosty story

    Years ago I flew to Massachusetts (sp?) to receive my third degree initiation into wicca and become a high priestess. Two special incidents happened that I will never forget.

    The first was the day after arriving there. My teacher drove us to an occult store he shopped at all the time ... introduced me to the owner ... and we did some shopping. When we came out of the store about a 1/2 hour later we started walking to the car parked across the street.

    All of a sudden a doe ran towards us from the other side of our car ... she came right into the street where cars were moving! My teacher ran towards her and made noises and waved his arms to get her to go back towards the car and safety ...and she did. But she ran up and down the sidewalk behind our car ...looking for a way to escape. Soon she saw a hole at the bottom of the fence and slid under and got away safely

    One reason this is important to me is that the "doe" is one of my "spirit animals" and also one of the forms the goddess takes for me. So I felt she came to me at this place and time to welcome me to the area and was giving her blessing for my upcoming initiation. My teacher was impressed and thoughtful for awhile.

    The other incident was on halloween night ... my initiation... my friend and I were driving home in her car, with her driving, and we were discussing the wonderful ceremony and
    were about 15 minutes from the house.

    We were in a deep discussion and all of a sudden I said "oh my god!" in a scared, shocked voice. The hair stood up on my arms and back of neck ... as I looked around the outside of the car. I told my friend that we were surrounded by gargoyles who were carrying the car in mid-air to the house. She just stared at me. My voice was shaking now .. but I told her we were being escorted safely to the house. That I had 2 gargoyles I used regularly in my
    workings ...and they were there, with friends, to also honor my initiation. I took in a deep breath and held it. It was such an eerie, awesome, surreal feeling. When we got to the house ....they disappeared. I told my friend they were gone, we were safe, and we could get out of the car. I don't think she believed me but her eyes certainly were big and scared. When I told my teacher the next day he was certainly surprised but smiling.

  • ghosty stories

    more to come if I am not boring anyone

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