anyone interpret dreams???

  • any one here interpret dreams? Or know of a website that does????
    I am interested in discussing dreams if any one else has an interest in sharing dreams and what they mean. It is so fascinating.

    anyway ... my roommate woke up from a dream that had her shaking from frustration, anxiety, and confusion. Took her 20 minutes to calm down. It is a weird dream alright, but nothing to blow your mind stuff .... but it seemed that the emotions she felt in the dream are what was frightening her as they were so real.

  • We are more relaxed when we are asleep and can thus process - or even admit to - feelings that we suppressed during the day. If your roommate woke feeling frustrated, anxious and confused, then she was simply acknowledging and accepting that such feelings were raised in her during the course of her day. She will need to work through these feelings while she is awake and seek their cause to heal them.

  • thank-you

  • I get a lot of sleep paralysis and everything feels so real and I often wake up feeling much like your roommate. I believe it has to do with being really stressed out. Is your roommate going through something at the moment?

  • @galaxybrain

    yes, she lost her job in august - had knee surgery in jan, fell in shower in
    feb going by ambulence to hospital (concussion) still doing therapy
    for knee but almost finished with weekly sessions - been looking online for a job with no results. taking care of me as i prepare for surgery.

    ***** up-date ... she just told me she sent in an app and resume for a job that popped up late yesterday ....hope-hope.

  • @badgerwoman I hope she gets the job👍

  • @galaxybrain

    WOO-HOO ... she got a call today asking her to come in tomorrow for an interview !!!

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