Need to know Future of Relationship

  • I am completely clueless on where my own relationship with spouse is heading or not heading and could really use some guidance. She was born 9/24/64 and myself 5/1/65.

    Thanks to any who answer


  • Born in the year of the Dragon, you can be bold and outspoken (in a good way!) but your spouse is a Rabbit and they are tactful but timid. You could accidentally say some things she'll take the wrong way, even though it was not what you intended. You feel hurt when she slinks off to be by herself and refuses to discuss things. Try to be more tactful, and she'll be more open to discussion. You two make a good pair despite your differences, so I bet you can work things out. Good luck!!

  • AAE,

    I'm sorry but i was born in the year of the Wood Snake while she was born in the year of the Wood Dragon. Now that i found that out i really know why we are always at odds! Thanks for trying though i do appreciate it.

  • I'm so sorry!!! I realized later what you said is true. I tried to calculate what Chinese sign each of you had by counting backwards in my head from the years I knew the sign of (hope that makes sense). I almost always get them right, but obviously not then,and I should've looked them up. I'm glad you realized my mistake, and again, I'm so sorry.

  • AAE,

    No problem 🙂

  • Hi Black

    I'm getting that your wife is going through quite a few personal upheavals at the moment, but the main thing which pops in is "hormones". I think she may be either at the tail end or beginning stages of menopause (without the usual physical symptoms that accompany it) and she's very confused and out of sorts. She's pushing you away because she doesn't feel herself, and is worried as she wants to do things which are out of character for her, and this is confusing her no end. I'm not talking about affairs as such, but maybe she's felt an attraction towards someone else and is afraid because she hasn't ignored it like she usually would, or something similar. I feel that she wants to change herself completely as she's no longer happy with who she is.

    I also realise this is a long time coming, this answer, but I went to acknowledge this a few days ago and got interrupted, so I do feel that there have been some further developments in your relationship in that time. I get that you may be talking a trial separation so she can get it straight in her head where she needs to be. This is best I think, and I feel that you'll support this as you are very devoted to her and want the best for her. I honestly don't feel that your marriage will end for good though. There's too much support, love and friendship within it and you'd both miss each other way too much to do this.

    I see she's a Libran, but I'm wondering if she has any Cancerian influences in her chart? If so, her confusion would be a bit bigger due to that influence and this could be contributing to her doubts at the moment. I get that you've been married for a long time, or at least been together for a long time (around 16 years or so?) and that she's wondering if there is more out there for her than she's currently receiving, in a manner of speaking.

    Bottom line in what I get for the two of you is:

    There's enough love, trust and commitment to make this work

    She's not trusting herself at the moment and is very worried she hasn't been able to tell you why

    If she hasn't told you why already, it will soon come out as she won't be able to carry it alone

    You will support her and be the rock you've been to her throughout your life together

    I get an additional message here too, which is the old cliche saying: if you love something, set it free. I think this applies to you and you just may have to set her free for a time, but I feel even more strongly that she will come back as she really can't live without you, nor you her.

    I'm a bit sad that you didn't get quite the help you needed with this question here, and would like to acknowledge those who at least tried for you.

    I sure hope that what I've told you here is of some help. But I do feel too, that things have developed a bit since you posted this and you may be seeing your way a bit clearer now.

    It's frustrating, isn't it, that those of us who have this gift of psychic vision can rarely utilise it for ourselves?

    But you're a strong and dependable man and I think you'd go through hellfire and brimstone for your wife and she knows this.

    As said, I hope this has helped you some Black, and I wish you both the very best of luck.

    Let me know if I'm way off the mark here or if any of this sits well with you :))

  • Hi there

    if anyone has time to pull some cards on this it would be greatly aprecieated,

    I am also confused at the moment about my relationship, he lives 3 hours from me , and keeps saying he wants to move here, but in the last month he has started saying " I want to move but not any time soon....." Should I just relax and be happy he is in my life,,,, give him time , or is this a stalling tacktic because he has no intention of it but wants to keep me hanging around???

    His bd is Aug.28th 1967 and mine is Sept 14 1964.

    Thanks for your help

  • CRIS 1962 COULD YOU PLEASE HELP ME. I would like to know if my exboyfriend will sit me down and talk with me open and honestly this year? I have always wondered about a certain woman who works for him. I asked if he ever had sex with her he said "no".

    His D.O.B. is 6-30-50. My D.O.B. is 04-21-73.

    Please help me as soon as you can.

  • Cris,

    Sorry i haven't replied to you but work is getting quite hectic with multiple issues. Yes she is or is not feeling menopause as due to the birth control shot she takes. Also we have been married now for 21yrs. I do not know if she is thinking of a separation but if i get this job i've been looking to get and she refuses to go then i will move without her. I have to support my family as we have 2 kids at home. I do know that some older gentleman has asked her to come to see him play at some of the bars/nightclubs around the area. She even has a CD from his band he belongs with in the truck. She states no big deal about it and that he is just some nice guy she knows from around her work.

    So i have no clue what happens at her work but feel she is not telling me the whole story at times. I do know there is no unexplained phone calls or her going back into work later in the evening. Yet i feel like we are roommates with benefits all the time instead of a married couple.

    This is about it for now and thanks for the assistance


  • Yes listen to cris shes great! Give her some space seh will coem back around you wont lose her. Its going to be hard to not feel scared but have a little faith she hasnt been your wife this long for nothing. Sorry I dont have a better answer for you. Best wishes.

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