• Hi Everyone! I haven’t been on here for awhile! Somehow the site wouldn’t let me post. Hope you all are well. I had a dream two nights ago about a young man at my door wearing jeans & a white lightweight jacket with a hood but I couldn’t see his face. He wanted me to open the door but I was scared. So I asked he was & he said so your not going to open the door. I said I don’t open my door if I don’t know who it is. He giggled. I was thinking in my dream why would he laugh. Anyway if anyone has any insight would love to hear from you. Love & Blessings ~D

  • I feel this is a dream warning that you may be playing it too cautious and missing out on opportunities (especially for fun and laughter). Don't be afraid to open the door to new horizons and people.

  • @dmick59

    just a feeling ...

    white usually signifies "clean - holy - spiritual" ... so I'm feeling this was a good dream. The giggle made me laugh because he made me feel you KNOW him and he thought it was funny you didn't recognize him. I felt he might have been an "angel" ... a male you knew that died.

  • It sounds like you got a visit from one of your spirit guides , maybe they are trying to tell you something and you aren’t allowing yourself to receive the message from them! Hope this helps !

    Love and light X

  • JODOMI reading for age 26

    yearly = a desire for love and affection, initiating new involvements, childbirth. One or more new relationships forming, and at least one very important one.

    I achieve financial stability and contentment. I change myself to do this.

    Mer sept 9- Oct 30 Sudden success or recognition, perhaps at school or for mental work done, headache. Unexpected good news, or opportunities to acquire some type of knowledge. You must guard against an argumentative nature now and use your sensitivity to help others.

    Ven oct 31- Dec 21 Happy marriage card, yours or someone close to you, love of home and family. Could represent a loving female friend with whom you have a very pleasant
    experience now. Work partnershp or cooperative efforts with a woman, someone loved, or someone in the home.

    Mars Dec 22-Feb 11 A young financial banker, attorney, accountant, or competitor you may have a desire for. You will have good drive coupled with creative financial sense that could bring in good money.This influence promises great success through hard work and perseverance, especially with lawsuits and matters dealing with men.

    Jup feb 13 - apr 5 A financially and spiritually beneficial divorce or separation, or change in the business, a successful trip. Spend or invest a large sum of money related to your business.

    Sat apr 6 - may 27 Difficulty in following intuition, difficult compromises of ideas and beliefs. Difficult changes, hidden health problems you need to get to the root of.

    Ura may 28 - july 18 Psychic power and emotional charm bring success, especially at work or in humanitarian projects. An unexpected or unusual romantic involvement or situation with friends.

    Nep july 19 - sept 8 Sacrifice of persona dreams, help others brings spiritual rewards and inner peace.

  • @dmick59 If the dream happened w/me, would know exactly what it meant. With me, any knock on the door (esp right before dawn) signifies a passing close by. The passing will just have happened or will occure shortly. It's just to let me know it's happened and in close range (in the area.) Just keep your eyes and ears open. If you see any owls, esp on tv internet recently another indication.

  • @daliolite

    I agree about the "owls" .....

  • @dmick59
    this is a warning dream. The reminder kind. You already know how to keep some distance before you are sure about a person and you already have learned by past experience that people are not always as they present themselves. Sheep's clothing thing. There is someone male OR female in your circle of connections that is not safe as they insist. BUT the dream says your subconsciousness is on it. It's positive that you did not open the door also positive that you questioned the laugh. It's not necessary to over think this or try and figure out who it is. Just know you can trust your intuitions and your protected. BLESSINGS!

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