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  • Hi moona here

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    yes ....last year and this year up till your birthday this year. We can also do for the following year going from this year's birthday till the next one if you like ... if so give me a little time to get it ready. Your most welcome. THANKS for the feedback.

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    hello there and welcome ....

    I saw your post and the birthday info ...will do a reading for you and get back to you today OR tomorrow. Be patient please.

  • @moona-ali

    yearly reading 2018-2019

    A year of experimentation, variety or indecision in love and friendships.

    I am creating variety in my love life. I am learning about my needs for variety or my indecision regarding lovers or friends. Maybe in a love triangle with lovers or friends, that you must come to terms with this year.

    Mer nov 6-dec 27 A brief period of love satisfaction, a hasty marriage that will not last, a pleasant short trip, or experience of some kind. Don't plan any major change or trips, or try to initiate any new ideas until AFTER this period.

    Ven dec 28-feb 18 Divorce or disruption of marriage plans. Betrayal of mate or lover. Disappointments and endings. Contentment with all financial matters.

    Mars feb 19-apr 11 Intense restlessness, changes in a legal matter, travel for business or pleasure, argument with males or over some legal matter, change in business or legal plans or plans with men. Travel, a move, change job, may make relationships suffer.

    Jup apr 12-june 2 A financially beneficial divorce or separation, or change in business, a successful business trip

    Sat june 3-july 24 A difficult divorce or separation, can cause illness. A heavy karmic relationship to teach you lessons about yourself and your love nature. Success with anything to do with hospitals, doctors, health, healing.Emotional self control and the ability to communicate helps you through difficulties.

    Ura july 25- sep 14 You might find success in acting, painting, music, writing or speaking.
    Psychic mind can be used to your advantage. Unusual or unexpected success in any field.

    Nep sep 25-nov 5 Sacrifice of personal dreams, helping others brings spiritual rewards and inner peace.

  • I would love a reading if you are still doing them. I was born December 1. I’m a 60 year old female.
    Thank you

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