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  • Well I'll be darned!!! ????

    Here I am saying how happy I am to be ALONE and not going to get involved again ... and I do my own yearly one minute reading and it says:

    2 men from your past will appear this year in hopes of reuniting with you. (say what?) I have 2 x-hubbies live in my area but we never see each other and don't want to. I have my childhood sweetheart living in another state have not heard from in over 10 years.

    And now this sites astrology reading tells me the same thing ... love is coming my way soon - something in april.

    waaaahhhh .... this is very strange. Guess we'll see what unfolds month by month this year

  • @badgerwoman Hey gurl Reading please!😊

    4th of July 1985

    Thank you

  • @badgerwoman
    good luck🍀

  • @badgerwoman
    @Buck was last on the site 3 days ago

  • @buck

    I can not do your reading without knowing what age you are now.

  • Hi @badgerwoman! Are you still offering readings?
    November 9
    41 years old
    Thank you!

  • @badgerwoman
    Update today I have received a letter saying that my government income had been cut again. I have no idea what I am going to do.
    Spoke to national office of my medical condition and they referred me to a DLS legal specialist, I now need someone to help me write my appeal.

  • I have made a "mental wrap" I have created to help with your pain. It provides heat and cold like a heating pad, only larger. It has velcro strips that help keep it snug. I placed it on you last night and removed it from you this morning. It is big enough to work on your hip and calf at the same time. Looks like an orange space suit, lol. I am also applying gentle massage.

    The Captain suggested I add a new topic about healing case others want to help you too. Or if someone needs healing also.

    When I did a reading for you awhile back also mentioned a man who wanted to help you. Did not say who. Maybe he will provide money, or a way to make this work, or a different place to live.

    You may need to share a place with someone? Relative, friend, ???? No quick solution right now. Hang in there ...once people read the post .... things might start popping.

  • @jayann Keeping you in my Prayers gurl. Hope this hard time passes soon. Sending lots of positive energy your way.❤

  • May 7 ... female ... 62, when you have the time, thank you BW!

  • @badgerwoman
    Thank you
    I am not married or have male relatives and do not live with people any more because problems in the past.

  • @jayann

    yes my friend ... have 2 look at many angles as things don't look promising now.

  • @alenabrz

    this reading is for this year and next year up to your birthday.

    YEAR = The financial business whiz kid card. A year of financial creativity or immature in financial dealings and crafty. Watch you keep your promises and are honest in all dealings. Will have opportunity to develop and use a great deal of creativity in your financial affairs.

    Also: I achieve stability and satisfaction in my mind and life this year. You will also discover the joy of letting go this year. There will be a natural cycle of money going out, always followed by a cycle of money coming in.

    nov 9-dec 31 Lots of thinking about money, goals, values, creativity; try to stay calm. Postpone any major decisions until next period. Money made quickly maybe because of a short trip or some invaluable information.

    jan 1- feb 21 Success and happiness in love, home, family, women related work or arts or music. Overcome any problems present.

    feb 22-apr 14 Fincancial challenge related to men due to a legal matter, an argument, gambling or speculation. Money seems tight. Disappointed about love, friend, endings.

    apr 15- june 5 Success through applying mental power and intuition to all business affairs. Financial and spiritual benefits through love affairs and friendships, business partners with a loved one. Expect a partner who has much to give you, either spiritual or materially, or both.

    june 6- july 27 Be VERY careful about who you love and how you behave in personal relationships, especially in romance and sexuality. A powerful karmic influence at this time suggests you will be confronted with any patterns of using others or of being dishonest in personal relationships. Be responsible and mature in all romantic dealings. An affair. What you give - you get. ALSO a karmic relationship with a businessman or associate with whom you have obligations or problems.

    july 28- sept 17 Unusual love affair, love triangle. Possible exotic sexual experience, unexpected attraction, lovers are friends or friends are lovers, unexpected pregnancy or birth. Some endings, psychic experiences, loss of a job.

    sept 18- nov 8 Mental disappointment on a journey or related to foreign interests, miscommunications cause problems, a psychic revelation.

  • @badgerwoman Wow, there is a lot to digest here! I will keep you posted about what comes about. Thank you!

  • @alenabrz

    you are welcome ...decided to one a little more in detail. Don't be overwhelmed. Just read the ones you've been thru and are in now. Others when you are in those months. It is supposed to give you a head's up of what to expect. later in the year.

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  • @andidilly

    will send later today

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  • @andidilly

    Year: I will have an intimate relationship or close friendship by the end of year. I am developing my capacity to have a loving relationship. And I am creating a successful financial partnership before my next birthday.

    Also: a year of increased mental activity, possible success and recognition in realms of communications, publishing, teaching or speaking.

    Mercury (aug 1- sept 28) Don't plan any major changes or trips, or new ideas until Venus
    period. Maybe short time of unemployment. A sudden outlay of money connected with driving, trip or a sibling. Don't be extravagant or reckless. Slow down and save.

    Venus (sept 29- nov 19) secret love affair or birth. Big change in family or close relationship or home. Success in over-coming any problems present.

    Mars (nov 20-jan 11) Success in legal matter or with group of men. Aggressive pursuit of
    communicating goals brings success and recognition. Letter or phone call regarding money or legal venture you are involved in.

    Jupiter (jan 12- mar 4) Mastery over your business or financial affairs, and spiritual life. Tremendous organizational abilities. All changes beneficial now in location, work, health, business and financial matters.

    Saturn (mar 5- apr 25) Broken heart. You are forced to walk your talk. A difficult sacrifice
    being made for a higher good or for someone less fortunate. Could involve a young man.

    Uranus (apr 26-jun 16) Success in real estate, farming, electronics, tv, psychic work any area desired. Could be connected to an older, successful businessman. ALSO- unexpected theft or dishonest dealing with real estate, possibly with younger man. Keep doors locked and belongings safe.

    Neptune (jun 17- aug 7) Delay or cancelled trip or vacation. Steadiness in affairs. Strong psychic ability now. NOT a good time to plan any major changes as things resist change now. Romantic triangle..more problems than worth it.

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