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  • just for fun ... and free...and will be offering a weekly reading soon.
    NEED for reading:
    day and month born (NOT year)

    ****please be patient ...will get back to you as soon as I can

  • @badgerwoman 4-17, female, 52

  • @badgerwoman
    ok just for fun

  • @jayann

    this is a quick reading using tarot-astrology-and numerology. it is showing what this whole year will be about. would appreciate feedback when you see things happening.

    this will be a year with many possible levels of experience, all under the influence of the powerful 6 c. on a purely mundane level this card says this year will be a year of few, if any changes in work, health, occupation, or place of residence. this can be good if you are
    in a good situation when the year begins. if unemployed when year begins you may have to contend with not having a new job for an entire year, so strong is the lack of change influence of this card. also
    less less opportunities for travel and no residence changes this year,

    on a deeper level, this card has a strong 'balancing the scales' influence to it. this year you will get exactly what you give, both in work and your health. if health problems it is most likely your not giving enough attention to your health. you can change this with more healthful habits and loving your body, work may involve having to make compromises and adjustments, giving a little or taking a little so your entire work scene runs smoothly. keeping a balance in all your affairs is a major yheme this year.

  • @badgerwoman
    What is 6 C?
    This reading is interesting because I am retired on medical grounds.
    The medical condition is incurable. It is nice to know it will not get any worse this year.
    I am hoping to move to another property this year as my present has health and safety issues. As a result I am very unhappy living here.
    Finally, I need to work on my lifestyle etc.

    I hope this feedback is helpful.
    Thank you for taking the time to do a reading.
    take care.

  • woohooo there girl ... I'm not done yet. Have more to say and also to look at his info too. will be back after I do some spreads. 6 c means the card 6 of clubs. will explain more ....

  • ok ... can u give me the info for xhubby?
    day of birth
    month of birth

  • ok- sorry ...i sent you wrong reading ..trying to do too much but got more organized and slowed down. lets try this again.

    a year of financial outlays of one kind or another. financial loss, letting go of money, seeing the bigger picture in your financial situation. could be repeated disappointments related to money. your attitude about these outlays will have a direct affect on their outcome. this year is about having to pay out money in one form or another and likely to see much of that. if you adopt a universal and giving attitude this year and let things go, you could that you are truly taken care of by the universe and nothing to fear. philanthropy is bound to bring success and recognition.

    a time of settled work and health matters,continuing education, a short period of unemployment. fickleness and restlessness that brings many changes emotionally and in relationships, sudden separation or unexpected travel away from or to loved ones. power with women, those in the home, in the arts or performing, good health and success at work if working. a large amount of money related to the home, arts, family or some woman. a successful completion of a legal or tax related matter or inheritance. be careful of your dealings with women during this year - whether you are aggressive and quick tempered or its someone else - don't arouse too much animosity or resentment in others. a female business owner may give you much support or help. this period can bring illness related to worry about money or work...don't over work.

    a difficult separation or divorce can cause illness. ONE OR MORE OF YOUR PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS COULD PROVE DISAPPOINTING. IT MAY BE THAT YOU ARE INVOLVED IN A HEAVY KARMIC RELATIONSHIP NOW, ONE THAT WAS DESTINED TO TEACH YOU MUCH ABOUT YOURSELF AND YOUR LOVE NATURE. letting go of personal attachments is the order of the day. keep positive...this too will pass. health worse-visit to dr. a good influence for real estate deals. some new age type of work. THE CHRIST CARD IS ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL OF SPIRITUAL INFLUENCES AND REPRESENTS SACRIFICE OF OERSONAL DREAMS, HELPING OTHERS BRINGS SPIRITUAL REWARDS AND INNER PEACE. this year you are learning how to harness the power of your mind and not let it become your boss at the same time. YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR MIND IS IN THE SPOTLIGHT - IT CAN EITHER YOUR ALLY OR YOUR ENEMY.

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  • 09/09 female 24yrs
    Love and light!

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  • @jayann

    sent this already

  • @jodomi

    quick over view for the year:

    a year of much intuitive awareness and making compromises for the sake of communication, also stability and smoothness of affairs, taking responsibility for communication and work.

    I create more mental and intuitive power for myself. I master my environment and my work through mental and intuitive power.

  • @moonalisa

    A year of achievement and success in any and all areas. I make sacrifices this year for a higher purpose. I live my spirituality. I end up this year with financial stability and responsibility with my debts repaid.

  • @badgerwoman this year looks quite optimistic, thank you badgerwoman:)

  • @badgerwoman
    Hope you have a good day.
    take care

  • 10/03 I would love how to find more about myself and how to maybe better me self along the way Female

  • @moonalisa

    yup yup

  • @buck

    age now

  • @badgerwoman

    waiting for you to give me your age so I can do your reading ...if you still want it.

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