Married cancer man and married Taurus woman PLEASE READ

  • Long story.
    I am a christian Taurus. He is a muslim cancer. He was seperated looking to remarry. I was on the verge. We met inline and talked video and phone for 9 months. His sister is the same birthday as I. His daughters the same age. He sent me pictures of his youth and family. Told his mother of me and pictures. I broke it off once bc I felt bad. We were married to others. He contacted me 3 months later. Just to say hi. We always said we love one another forever and very deep thoughts. Some sexual but not normally. Just deep. He let me into the very depths of his life. One thing, he told me he had one child but two days later he said three and felt bad. But I liked he was honest. Please understand, I am married to a Leo. Please. Its hard. He married someone arranged and she did not trust or respect him by the subtle things he said. He did seem insecure about talking to me on video. He wiped his face and said im more beautiful in person. He seemed to be moving alot. He always talked fast except once. I was angry and he was slower with words. He said he never talked to a woman with emotions.
    His father passed a month ago. It was sudden and awful. He talked to me from another country until he came back here to his family. He decided to raise his children with her even though no love. I the same.
    I was his habibti.
    But one week ago i messaged and said if he needed me email me. As in, Im leaving if you dont talk. But i was sensitive his father just passed. He is VERY religious. More than I. He said I sadly will not stop you from leaving. I cannot be close to God and continue talking to you. He said you will always be in my thoughts and prayers. You are the best person I've met. Please dont be angry. (He wanted his family life no matter the cost. He was with his mother for 2 months).( He said and I the same only our children separated us and we must choose them. Actually i said that)He said love. I said love never to respond again. I blocked him on fb. Although we were not friends he checked me daily he said.
    What made me mad. He called me habibti a sacred word to me. We did not meet bc he thought we'd have sex. I hated him now. I thought we would meet and be friends forever. But now dont care. A hard to be with a leo.
    He said he would marry me but how could i leave my daughter and come across the country to be with him. Before He said what should i do talk to you forever? He said he could not stop. He seemed very emotional. We didnt talk a weekend because he was down. I will never be with him. I deleted all family photos pictures of him. But will he come back and what should i say? As friends? He broke me. But for a good reason.
    I am going to to counseling to try to make my sex life better with ole leo. I just dont like him