is it possible to reply to older questions

  • is it possible to answer "older questions" ? will they get the message? Are they still on here?
    Wish people would give "feedback" on what has happened since the reading ...was it accurate,
    what info came to light so you could make a decision, etc.

  • Yes feedback would be helpful. And as long as the poster is still a member and coming here to check on their posts, answers can still be given to them if they still need the help.

  • woo-hoo.... well alrighty then! this indeed promises to be a very fun place. thanks forreply

  • @badgerwoman
    If you click on the persons name you will see when they joined and last visited.
    Having said that they might visit right after and see your feedback. Other people will appreciate your feedback.

  • hmmmm...ok. Your comment about "other people will appreciate your feedback" never came to mind. So I will be busy now reading a lot of messages and getting involved here. This site is beginning to feel like home. Thanks for your reply.

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