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    Hello - I am Lady Moonshadow ..a wiccan high priestess. At the moment I do not have a coven as I have moved to a new location due to divorce. I also recently retired from my job
    and am looking at 3 surgeries shortly (both hips and lower back). I am 70 yrs old. I have loved card readings ever since I was 12 years old and found a book at the library about it. I dabbled with them off and on for many years, collecting books and decks and doing practice readings. In the 1980's moved to North Dakota for job. Ended finding some
    spiritual people and started doing readings and psychic readings ... which surprisingly included a famous painter and several rich, elite people in our town. I also displayed many
    of my tarot decks at the pubic library for a month (its free) and that led to a newspaper reporter wanting to do an interview, which I did. I had many psychic experiences in this town and the energy was very exciting and active.

    I recently found out who my real parents are (long story) and was shocked and amazed to learn my dad's side is lithuanian (gypsy) and my mother's side has some native american and also a woman who was claimed to be a witch in the salem witch trials andis mentioned in the book about it.

    I will enjoy seeing all the questions and readings you share here ...and the love to share and help each other. Blessed Be....

  • Welcome to you, Badgerwoman, I hope you will like it here. Is the badger your spirit animal?

  • badger is ONE of my spirit helpers .... for occassions when needed ... for instance "digging" is one of her qualities I needed to decide to get a divorce, retire from work, keep searching for answers to my lower body pain no one could figure out. To dig for answers, being relentless
    to find the truth and act on it. She also can be most dominant, aggressive, and protective. HA!
    That certainly comes in handy now and then ... as I am a very easy going, calm person.

  • So given that you are scheduled for surgeries, did you find the answer to your lower body pain?

  • most certainly did~! Have had pain for 30 years, from slightly progressing over the years to now being EXTREME! Saw many doctors over the years and they all said it was arthritis and there was nothing they could do. Said to just live with the pain and also to "walk, walk, walk".
    UGH - how stupid - pain is a warning something is wrong. Anyway, not one doctor did xrays, no one gave pain pills or pain shots, no one seemed interested in finding the cause. I even saw chiropractors once or twice, which helped someone what at those times

    So to present time. Insurance changed my doctor 2 yrs ago. SHE has ordered many xrays,
    gave pain shots and pain pills ..all of which helped me tolerate the pain and continue working and having a somewhat normal life. Then 8 months ago things suddenly began to change with the pain going off the chart and I began to limp a lot or drag one leg a bit. 6 months ago I was crying all the time because of the pain and had to use a walker to get around. I was not able to do my job, which was very physical so I retired.

    My doctor sent me 2 weeks ago to a bone specialist/surgeon. The type of xray given showed severe bone on bone and extreme arthritis ... just a lot of white on the xray to me. Then he had me come back a week later and take a different xray - to see in-depth scan of the hip
    bones causing the pain. I got to see the xrays and we were both in shock and disbelief. I had
    NO ball or stem in either hip. It was just empty in those socket areas. HUH??? They had been crumbled away and grinded away over the years. Surgeon said he didn't know how I was able to walk at all. Told me to deal with the pain for a little longer as that was when my body would NEED the pain relievers, and if given too soon might be less effective after surgery. So I am hoping surgery isn't too far away. Should get a call this week. I am mentally ready and willing. One hip at a time and then lower back surgery. So I will have a lot of time to delve into my tarot cards and other interests and visit this site.

  • I am so sorry you had to endure all this pain and suffering. But happy there will soon be an end to it!

  • aaaawww you are so nice. Everything is for a reason ...and happens in its own time. Spirit had to get everything and everyone together before it could happen. This month when I went to see the surgeon picked for me ...it was changed twice without notice ... so spirit knew I needed this particular surgeon. And this I am greatful for- as any surgery I have had in the past has always been much more serious than they expected ... and so I wonder if it is so this time as well. I like the surgeon and feel safe in his hands. Again - thanks for caring. xxoo

  • @badgerwoman Hello and welcome❤😊.

  • @anon-undertaker-0

    hello ...am on here twice .... badgerwoman for all posts except in tarot I am lady moonshadow. Good to hear from you again my friend.

  • @badgerwoman aww ok. 😊

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