Can you give me a tarot reading please regarding my relationship that just ended ?

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    His birthday - 25 March 1986 and mine 14th of October 1986.

    I want to know if he will come back ( He ended it and blocked me on Tuesday) and if our relationship will make it?

    His name is Kash and mine Jana

    I also want to know if he is involved with any other women too on a romantic level? If I am in any third party situation.

    Also if he has a child he has not told me about?

    Please give me all you pick up regarding him.

    Thank you

    Love and light

    Jana x.

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    Using the Starman Tarot to look at your first question overall ...
    I get a sense that there is some dissatisfaction within what was .. so now (IX Alient) it is about what lessons to learn, what must you learn from this situation ? it also asks you reflect and meditate on the situation it may be important to find some alone time ... some time to be alone in this situation.... with the 7 of Cups we see there are always choices, options but not all options will do you good.. It is also about finding alignment in yourself overall ...
    Ultimately the choice is what is best for you at this time? How do you choose to react to what is going on?

    With a Tarot Reading - The cards look at a situation in an open-ended sort of way, more than a yes/no .. nothing is completely black and white ... with Tarot ... more about what has happened, is happening and may happen?

    So I decided to look deeper for you with Lenormand Cards The Pagan Lenormand ...
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    We begin with the Cross which speaks of burdens, what weighs you down? talks about repeated patterns ... The Man in the centre There are two aspects... talking about the man as the centre of the reading.. but also asks you are logical, practical in this situation... The Sun speaks of things being exposed... brought into the light of the situation ....
    1_1553426335559_Pagan Lenormand B.jpg !
    Next we look at the Whip, and I see that as quarrels and disappointments . Anchor asks you stay grounded, overall and the Mountains talks about blocks, delays and setbacks, obstacles that may not be overcome on some level ...

    Overall I feel you have some major issues to think about .... Do you feel you can trust him? Do you want to keep being treated the way you have been? What lesson can you learn from this situation?

    read through the reading and reflect and contemplate..
    it is up to how how you actually react to this situation....

    Remember the future is never set in stone.. it is about choices and free will ... overall on both sides ...
    take care ...

  • Nothing else was revealed at this time ....

  • Thank you for the reading.

    He blocked me and I have not contacted him since.

    I plan to never talk to him unless he comes to me.

    Am I doing the right thing?

    For me it’s about him learning that he can’t do that to me and that he can’t think it’s okay to do so.

    He basically blocked me because he was thrown out his parents house and asked to come live with me.. we had been back together for 3 weeks. I told him “ no you can’t move in with me, but you could rent a room near to me and when we are ready we can discuss moving in”. He told me I don’t care and I’m never there for him, I’m a crap girlfriend bla bla bla.

    He kept cursing down the phone at me, I held the phone away from my ear and let him rant on. He then blocked me before sending a message saying I will always love you and wish you the best...

    Don’t know what to make of it all, but all I know is he will have to work hard if he ever wants to be with me again.

    If you have anymore insight please share it .

    Love and light


  • @jana-star Go through and read the reading again.. meditate and reflect on the reading and let things move through .. time for you to just get on with your journey .... overall the more you ask the more confusion will set it.. take a breath and just walk ahead.... on your own for awhile .. sometimes the best things are when they see we have moved on with our life and moved ahead .... take care of your own needs .... forget about him for awhile ... enjoy the solitude .. The Alien (The Hermit ) talks about solitude alone time ... time for reflection and meditation... to learn from what has happened and is happening ....

  • At the moment things are as they are ..... keep asking and it becomes a push and pull aspect of the journey .... ...Think about your own sanity, your own help and your own reactions ...

  • Thank you for your guidance and for being there, but I have decided to leave this man for good. He is toxic and I know now he never loved me. The way he speaks to me in an abusive manner - well I have no choice, but to walk away.

  • hi... so glad you ended toxic relationship. this is what reading said about him.

    he will have a year of financial outlays, irresponsible, frivilous, dishonest, immature, escapism, dishonest, deception, theft, rip-off, something hidden, reckless, playboy, karmic debts to repay. shows can make a lot of money - and blows it - especially on women. shows happy marriage card for this year ... but to who ...and how long will it last with all these hang ups. could also refer to wanting this but could he settle down.

  • your reading=

    a year of organizing abilities, hard work, and self mastery. guard against argumentative nature now. getting valuable information. no change in current relationship. begin new love or affair. marriage card = could do so this year.

  • Jana, I answered you in your other post on this.

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