Can you tell me if he is coming back and what do you pick up about him?

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    His birthday - 25 March 1986 and mine 14th of October 1986.

    I want to know if he will come back ( He ended it and blocked me on Tuesday) and if our relationship will make it?

    His name is Kash and mine Jana

    I also want to know if he is involved with any other women too on a romantic level? If I am in any third party situation.

    Also if he has a child he has not told me about?

    Please give me all you pick up regarding him.

    Thank you

    Love and light

    Jana x.

  • @jana-star Omg you are beautiful.❤

  • Jana, check your other thread.

  • SO ........ reading your post and wondering what has happened since. What are your fears and gut feelings. What has put you in a "questioning" mode towards him. How long have you known him and what "phase" of a relationship were you in at the time? ( friends - intimate- ?)

    Getting updates helps to focus in on the issues in question and "fine tune" psychic picking up and readings being done.

  • @badgerwoman

    Sorry for the late reply.

    He can’t decide what he wants.
    I’m getting dumped every week. He curses at me. I don’t understand .. why say he loves me... when he is nice he is nice and when not -

  • @jana-star

    Are you serious?????!!!! It saddness me deeply that you are accepting this behavior! He does it because you are willing to put up with, to make excuses for his abuse, and to keep hoping he will change. THIS IS NOT LOVE and you know it.

    If one of your dearest friends or a sister came to you and told you about a boyfriend who treated her this way .... what would you feel? what would you tell HER to do?

    He can not and will not respect you for treating him this way. Besides, he is used to it because other females allow it also, because he's cute and says he loves them. He is a player and strings along as many females as he can at one time. He is not going to change because he likes the attention and the way he can control his life and control the way he gets women to bow down to him. But honestly, from his point of view, what's NOT to like .... its a win - win for him.

    Believe you me ... IF he ever meets a female that he actually cares for this would flip 360 *
    and HE would be the one groveling for any little scrap of attention or relationship.

    Take back your pride and self-worth .... think, act, and live the way YOU really feel. No more pretending. No more accepting what you don't like or approve of. No more taking scrambling to catch his crumbs.

    No amount of readings or prayers or whatever are going to change this man, this relationsip .... it is what it is .... walk away and don't go back.

  • @jana-star Gurl you need to dump his player arse ASAP. He sounds like a complete jerk. Shut him out completely.

  • He doesn’t go out and every night he is with his friends smoking weed. Yes I have to move on I know that .

  • @jana-star

    You keep saying you KNOW you should move on....then you say you HAVE dumped him...then you don't. You know the truth of your know the solution ...keep him and deal with this bs and cruel treatment of you or send him on his way. Choice is yours -

  • You don't hang onto someone because of who they are, but because of who YOU are. Why are you clinging to someone who left you?

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