Please CHRIS1962 , desperately need your insight..

  • I have a bad cold since the last few days . I'm feeling weak , tired and sometimes dizzy . However I have a feeling that it's not just the flu.I think there's something wrong with me 😞 I'm so scared . I'm taking my flu medicines and really hope to feel better soon . Do you sense something wrong with me ? Will I be getting better soon ? Thanks in advance.

  • Littlespark,

    If you are dizzy lightheaded then you more than likely have an ear infection and it can make you tired and weak also. I say it's time to go to the Doctor's office so you can get some medicine for it before it gets worst.


  • Litlespark,

    I hope your feeling better now :).


  • Hi BlackWyvern, thank you 🙂 I'm better . Turns out it was due to stress apart from the flu.

  • Nice to hear your feeling better.

  • Could anyone tell me what is happening with my life my job that i loved is gone,my business is gone and so are the people whom i loved.What is happening to me, why am ibeing punished and for what?Could anybody throw some light as to why this is happening and what i would be doing in 6 months time?

    My D.O.B 29th Dec 1962

  • This post is deleted!

  • It's called a Recession and you have to be willing to move with the flow of life. Just because you lost people you loved does not mean it is the end of the world it is just a time for changes and make new friends. So get out there and grab the world by the horns and make the changes needed to fulfill your life.


  • sharkk this is called life. If it didn't change what would you learn and how would you grow? There is no such thing as punishment and that is too self-centered an idea for a life that is here to learn. Until you realize that its not about you the more you will evolve and move on to your next experience in life. The God center, higher power or what ever you believe doesn't punish, people punish. That's a man made concept.

  • LibrasLair: Couldnt have said it better myself.

  • HI BlackWyvern thank you so much for replying to my post, i do agree this is not the end of the world but somehow have lost the zest for life,my spouse is totally uncaring and seems to zap my energy i can see my life disintegrating in front of my eyes but find myself unable to do anything.Do you see anything in my future that would motivate me to move ahead.There is no love or anything to keep me going.Someone told me that I am on the path of Karmic Renunciation what would that mean? D.O.B 29/12/1962

  • Why is growth such a painful process? why is it so sudden that it knocks the wind out of your sails? I did have a self centred view till now but im trying to change could you please guide me how to tide over this phase and how long will it take me to get back to normal?

  • Everyone grows at their own pace. In the mean time read, make a list of things you want to learn and do. Meditate and think positive above all of the other things. It is a daily job of your own. I am sorry there are no quick fixes. We all have a hard time in our lives. At least that's how it seems to each one. Self help and do what you willingly do for others for yourself first. Its not selfish. You need to be well in body and spirit in order to help others. If you drain yourself worrying you break down your immune system. Work on you and let the others work on themselves.

  • Sharkk,

    The first thing you need to STOP punishing yourself as LibrasLair said. You have to pull your bootstraps up (metaphor) and take that step forward to renewal. You need to look at what hobbies do you have for now and find people who enjoy the same. Get out of the house and do something for the short term. Make new acquaintances and you will find that job that fits you perfectly. On your spouse if they do not want to follow then leave them behind for now and give them space and they will come around later. Always think positively and do not be afraid to pray for guidance.


  • Thank you so much for your kind words yes i have taken the first step forward and taken on an

    assignment for a short time also i am very drawn to Tarot and Angel cards so went and bought myself a set and am planning to teach myself .Am also unlearning what I learnt right from my childhood that it is selfish to look after ones self and to love oneself.These are the baby steps

    that I have started on,Thank you so much for your advice and God bless you

  • Thanks Libras Lair as i mentioned I have started exploring and writing down what i love doing hence went and bought Tarot and Angel cards have been drawn to them since ages but now its getting obsessive so decided i need to learn them and see if i can be any good.I cant meditate though as the home atmosphere is so full of strife just cant be still or relaxed for a moment so

    am planning to enroll in a yoga class it should bring some kind of balance to my life.What do you think?Thanks once again and God bless you.

  • sharkk I think it couldn't hurt taking the classes. A spiritual path will tell you why you are like you are and after you understand why you do the things you do your more able to change what you want into the more positive way you live. That's the reason I offered that. Nothing is written in stone so you can do what you want and that's why we say we all have free will. You can learn not to let what's going on around you bother you but It takes a lot of work. I wish you well. Peace and harmony.

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