Will Aries man come back to Libra lady?

  • Aries ( 25 March 1986) blocked me libra( 14 October 1986)

    Will he come back?

  • Hard-headed determination and a struggle for power are the focus of this relationship. As a long-standing union, particularly as a marriage, it can be plagued by internal dissension and arguing which can damage your children if you have them. If this relationship is to work out, responsibilities and authority must be carefully delineated, and a truce must be reached as to who is to be the 'boss'. It will also be necessary to work hard on developing more mutually kind and understanding attitudes.. If not, the relationship will fail. A love affair here can be complex and strongly unrealistic, particularly on the part of your partner, whose idealism and fixed ideas can get in the way of seeing things as they really are. This will often lead to an inability to let the relationship go, even once it has stagnated or moved downhill. Closure may also be impaired or prevented by his loyalty and your indecision. The two of you can easily find yourselves locked in an ongoing struggle, in which he will be overtly aggressive while you are more passive-aggressive. I do believe you will both find this relationship hard to let go of and your partner will likely return, but unless you can temper the relationship's hard-driving, power-struggling nature, it will not be harmonious or pleasant.

    Advice: Work on fostering respect and kindness. And bear in mind that the one giving the orders isn’t always the one who’s boss. Try to avoid power struggles and have more fun together.

  • If your still here ....how are things going for you now??? What's been happening? Need an update. We care about you.

  • Jana, you picked a partner who was your exact opposite in attitudes and personality. The attraction can be very strong between opposites but if there is no real common ground to unite you, the relationship will be intense but temporary. You need someone who can understand you better and have the same goals and attitudes.

  • Hi... thanks for checking how things turned out. He calls me everyday telling me he loves me.. his behaviour is.. interesting.. he has to be the alpha male.. he wanted to end it last Thursday. I let him end it and then in the evening he came back again...

    The drama continues....

  • In his mind we will work.
    We are in a long distance relationship. He lives with his parents whilst he rents out his apartment. I don’t know what obstacles he faced in the past . His rising sign is Scorpio , so these things he does not open up about..

    He will be moving to another city and will rent an apartment until the sale for his apartment goes through. He then wants to buy a house and his idea is that I will eventually move in with him...

    He is such hard work. He also loves to be catered to. I do love to cater to him, but I feel he will take advantage of this and I will probably be like a live in maid...

    We surprisingly don’t argue when together, but the distance makes him think somebody will take me away from him.

    I trust him. He calls me every day/night. I have met his family..

    Only problem is his mood swings.

    Yes it really is hard work and if I have child with this man my mother says I will have two babies to look after!!!!!

    I don’t give in to his tantrums, but to get my attention he will do stupid things like change his profile picture to him and a female work colleague.

    I really am dealing with a baby......

    He’s an Aries and they hate the silent treatment!

    Our sexual attraction however is on point.

  • @jana-star there will always be something of the child in this man. The question is - how long are you prepared to play nanny or substitute mummy? He wants his freedom and independence but he also cannot bear to think of you with someone else. I doubt his inner conflict will be resolved anytime soon, so think about yourself.

  • Thanks for helping me and for your insight. I stopped replying to his disgusting messages insulting me putting me down etc and I am now blocked. I have since been out socialising and met new people. Time for new beginnings. I want nothing to do with such a toxic individual!

    Thank you again

    Love and light

  • @jana-star
    good luck

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