Gemini I can’t seem to shake

  • A reading or just someone else take on this.
    So I’m a Capricorn although I feel like I’m a very different Capricorn then what the traits say.. but anyways so my birthday is 12/31/1987 and I’m really interested in this guy who happens to be who I like to call runner boy he’s a typical Gemini born 6/15/1990 so he is a little younger then me as well. But can someone tell me wat the heck is up with them being so back and forth with their feelings towards somone they like. We have such a strong chemistry to the point where we synchronize and use telepathy and feel watch others energy which is so strong and amazing. But at the same time this boy is driving me crazy with his disappearing acts and ignoring texts when he feels like it. Iv asked him to about it as to why he goes mia and stops responding and he has no answer or reason so he says as to why he does it. I’ll ask him to like look I can leave u be and forget about u and ask him if that’s what he wants and he will say no so I just don’t understand these little games he likes to play. I feel maybe because he has commitment issues and has a hard time really expressing his feelings but at the same time I know how he feels the same way I feel about him through his energy but I guess just maybe has a hard time verbally saying how he feels. It’s like he wants to start a relationship cuz he will go referencing him self as my bf when I tell him that me and so and so talked about him. I’m like first of all we are not even in a relationship so how can I refer u as my bf idk he just all the way confuses me. I just don’t know if I’m really wasting my time or whatand ic tried to forget about him but for some reason I can’t seem to shake him and typically that’s not my character usually I can let a person go and be good. But this guy I swear has me under a spell or something cuz I know there’s something there and he knows it too but is fooling himself.. so with all that said am I doomed lol🧐😏🙄

  • I was married to a gemini for 11 years ... and it was the same with us, got along great but he could NOT be faithful. He wanted a home and family and security ... but he also wanted other women to stroke his ego and make him feel sexy and free. I tried a lot of different things over the years to try and change him, or interest him or tempt him .... but it was his "nature". It stressed me out because I was faithful and a good wife and mother. In the end I decided he wasn't worth it if I had to work at it so hard all the time and he didn't, I filed for a divorce and suddenly he was ALL attention, promises, gifts, loving words ....but I had lost all feelings now and didn't trust he would continue this for long. Put his bags outside, changed the locks and loved the look of disbelief and shock in his eyes that I had finally gotten a pair of "balls". Long story short ... he has no intention of being with ONLY you ... he HAS to keep
    other women on the line ... all his life. Dump him and stay away from gemini's next go around,

  • This relationship will be easier as a friendship than a love affair. The two of you may think you are compatible and synchronistic but this can be an illusion which can run rampant here. You are not all that compatible and don't have much in common, attitude-wise. You like permanency and certainty and your love interest loves change and variety. The problem is that the two of you can have great dreams and ideals but not much ability to manifest those dreams in reality. The relationship can also show an inability to settle down in one place or at all. To be always looking for the ideal person, setting or job can become a way of life for the two of you as individuals or as a couple. Your love interest may adopt a nomadic existence, afraid to settle down for fear of losing his independence or individuality or excitement in his life. He can also find you rather bossy and dominating. You at some point will dig your heels in and refuse to keep running after this guy. He may likewise fight to free himself from the hopes that the relationship arouses, even coming to hate it at times. He can accept and insist on change more easily than you and may resent your resistance to it. Such conflict can tear the relationship apart, though it may also leave you sadder but wiser. This relationship can prove the adage "be careful what you wish for as you just might get it." What it can appear to be on the surface is not what would be the reality of it.

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