My "Soul Number" doesn't make any sense?

  • My "soul and Personality number" is 8. It says I'm ambitious, influential, powerful, want to be in charge, etc. And I know that this is not me. Not a single part of me likes being in charge, I don't like power... I've read many different descriptions of Soul number 8 and none of it applies to me AT ALL. I went through a list with descriptions of the soul numbers, and others on that list make A LOT more sense than this one. 8 actually makes the least sense.
    I know people will probably say "Oh, it's true, you just don't see it yet" or something, but I know myself enough to know that it does not apply to me AT ALL. (And yes, all of the information is correct, and the numbers are correct because I used those numerology calculators. ) Other parts of the numbers , like Destiny and Life Path seem true, though. What do you guys think? 😞

  • It means you are more focused on finding life lessons in the material world rather than on the spiritual plane.

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