Can I get reading?

  • Would love to have a overview reading anyone

  • This post is deleted!

  • This is what I picked up,

    Loneliness and a separation.
    You are not listening to good hear it, but don't want too.
    You have doubt, and can't see clearly.
    You can't see what is coming, but also someone is behind pulling strings.
    You have left making a decision up in the air... you can't just let it happen, you have to work to make what you want to happen.
    You are trying to juggle two things at once and it is hard.
    Something will work itself out...some success.
    Once you figure it out you will be able start again.
    Watch what you want...the two things you are trying to juggle are at opposite ends and conflict.
    There is a guy whom is sever and to be his way or forget it...negative feeling from him.
    There is a delay and stagnation with someone and a jealous feeling with it.

    That was a little heavy, hope it helps;

  • @tarotnick

    good reading .... easy to understand and more details ...a lot going on!

  • @faithfulone Here TarotNick gave great advise in a reading .. a month ago .... have you sat with this and meditated, reflected on the inner answers .....

    Everyone has given you so much ...... but I wonder if you have listened to their advice .... or have you ignored it because it is not the answer you actually want .... but the answers you were needed to listen to ....

    Take a moment .. take a breath .. and read the answers everyone has shared with you ....... these all resonate ...together

  • Do you keep asking for more readings because you are waiting to get one that will tell you what you WANT to hear? NEED to hear? That's not how this works. You are told what you need to know you can make choices and decisions from the facts you now have.

    There are people and animals out there in the world with serious problems ... situations that could use a helping hand, people who will take the time, energy, money, etc to make a difference. You have a lot to be grateful for ... wake up and accept what you are being told ... and start taking care of you.

  • faithfulone,

    Here you are,

    I think you are listening and trying to grasp what everyone is trying to help, there is hope and an opening.
    Some money pops up because of something you are working on.
    Don't do things just because you think you have too, someone will try and take advantage of it.
    You are having indecision and something about beating yourself up.
    Something is being delayed, a false start.
    There is a self destruction, you have the capability to make something nice but you are not using your strength fully or not in the right direction.
    A new friendship is around.
    You are open to listening, let the good thoughts in and see how you can use them.
    Be open to something new or different.
    Watch your money some setbacks are there.
    Someone is trying to hide something or cause some trouble. You know something is up but it will come down to how you handle yourself and your thoughts.

    Hope that helps,

  • @tarotnick sounds like you was 💯 on that reading... I'm so confused and lost in life in general, is there anything I can do to get past all this? I'll take the good along with the bad lol

  • faithfulone,

    Write down what you want, sometimes seeing it in front of you spelled out can help. You have the ability to Create, but also self destruct. To build something you have to start with thoughts and create a plan or steps to fulfill them. Tackle one thing at a time other wise it is over whelming. Do one small thing that you know you can accomplish and gain satisfaction from completing it. That will give you the confidence to complete more.