Confused help please !!!!!!!! about current bf and ex

  • I am currently with my bf for 2years and i am so confused about us i miss him when he’s not there but i c an get my ex off my mind he’s a soldier boy and i love him but he hurt me so much and i can for get him while i have been with my bf i have seen my ex i been with him but he has this thing were he will call me every day and then i stops like or relationship did he never actually finished things with me all he did was mention he was going to Iraq about 2weeks before he stopped talking to me and the he stopped he did not answer my calls or at least tex me i was worried and crying every night in front of the television set wondering if something had happen to him each time they said somebody had died i would cry thinking it was him i was like that for like 4 or 5 mouth and then i find out true one of his friend that he never went to Iraq that he might still be here and i end up going to the place were he was stay at and i see his car outside and the light to the room he was in on i was so mad and i stated crying and i parked and got out the car and i ask the girl in the front desk if he had let for more then a mouth and she said no he’s been here all the time the girl gave me the info because she would always see me with him and we would talk all the time when i would go see him after i found out that he had never left i wanted to hate him and go to his room and tell him how i felt but i did not due that i was not going to beg him if he would of only been a man and told me that things were not working out i would have been ok had closer but i did not have it but i called his friend that had become my best friend in the world that i could trust like a brother and i told him that i had found out and he told me that he was sorry that he did that to that at least he could of told me something since i was the one driving about an 1 to go see him i at least deserved that but time past and i meet my current bf and i love him and i an very thankful that he’s a part of my life but right after i got with my current bf my ex comeback to the picture and it sucked because i still had feelings for him care about him to much even if he lied but he was so nice to me he treated me like his princess and i found out that the reason he stopped talking to is because he was starting to have feelings for me and he knew that he had a possibility that he was going to Iraq he did not want to get too attached to me but i think that he should of at least told me something when i saw him for the first time since he had stopped talking to me and he knew that i had a bf he was mad and told me that if he wanted he could have me back in a sec which in my head i was yea true but am i willing to risk a good relationship for somebody that hurt me so much after that we saw each other once in a while he would hug me kiss me everything but what i was doing was wrong i care about him to much but i need to get him out of my head i hate dreaming about him i when i am with my bf i hate it because i start crying because it hurts me thinking about him as much as i have try to forget i can i have seen him for a while know but he due send me tx to see how ia m doing and like those love fwrds that u get but i don’t understand him i talked to him and i told him that i loved him and that i forgive him for everything he did and that i would always be here for him and that my heart will always be his that i will love him and all he said was very surprising because he had never said it before and i know he is the type of guy that won't say it unless he means it he told me that he will always love me and remember me and i did not know what to say all i could think was why don’t you tell me to go back to you and since then he dues the fwrd tex but what should i due i really love my current bf but my ex memories drive me crazy should i try talking to my ex for the last time to see what he truly wants or should i loose all contact with him even if it means that i would not talk to a friend that we have in command what should i due

  • Hi, You know, I just feel like you will always have the same problem w/this guy. Do you really want to go thru this. I think this guy is just planting the seed in your mind so that you won't forget him and he seems to be pretty good at it. I also think he is insecure. He's doing a good job of making you feel insecure also. I would go down the narrow road. The other one is too risky. And, no, he wasn't right for playing you and your emotions.

  • Hi. I think you should just focus on yourself, If you really DO want to stop with the pill taking.

    For me.. I had a problem with alcohol and have gotten myself 2 d.u.i's.

    I've stopped drinking. But mainly because my friends are doing their own thing.. i dont talk to any of them anymore, so i dont really have anyone to drink with.

    I also cant drive. So i cant go to the bar and drink, and i dont have a job. So i cant go buy anything.

    Yeah.. this is some serious discipline. But what helps is taking up a hobby. I like making clothes and what not, i like playing guitar, and exercising should be really good for you too.

    im pretty creative as it is so i NEED a creative outlet, so therefore I need to take up hobbies or i will croak.

    But if you dont really care about creativity maybe you should exercise or go running to get your mind off of using. Meeting new friends aslo would help alot. Or just going to a local church and talk to people, meet people.

    I really hope you stop using and take care of yourself. Maybe he can join you.

  • OH NO.. I just commented, but it was for the wrong topic .. SORRY haha

    so SADLOVETEARS... please just disregard my previous comment.

  • hello.u just bothered gurl with the situations you're in.that case really not so funny at all 'coz you are torn between two lovers and that brought you confusion that somehow you can't think good and sraight!yet you're not just alone in this case, in fact, there are lot more people suffer more than what you are experincing right now.good for you 'coz u has this bf that quite a shoulder for you to lean on.i think your bf is a listener in your account and someone really to help you out forget your past.well, your ex is just a past that learning you to be yourself right now and that is perhaps a past to forget too.your new life now is for your bf and not with your deserve someone better of all your sacrifices brought with your ex in your life so now, try something that never hurt you anymore, not of course with ur bf.u just wake up girl and don't let that senses again take you away and starting to hurt yourself again cause with your brave now and just face your ex once more,try to talk to him not to bother u now 'coz u have this new life now, far better than before, with your present bf.finally, don't forget to seek GOD first in everyyhing you do 'coz that gives you more strenght to face the grudge and gives u a best decision in your life.just try it and you'll see the great difference.

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