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  • Good Morning, hope you are well. Could you give me some in sites on our business, it has been really slow and not making much money. Should we still try and make a go of it, or would it be best to sell? My husband keeps hanging on to this business in hopes it will get better. His birth date is 8 - 25 - 62 and mine is 10 - 19 - 61. Thank you on anything you could tell me.

  • What type of business is it?

  • @thecaptain Didn’t know if you got my reply, It is a salvage yard. Selling new and used auto parts.

  • This year for your husband is best spent giving up the old in order to move onto the new. This includes changing himself to match and getting rid of any old bad habits, people and things he is hanging onto but which he no longer needs or serve him well. 2020 is the time for him to start a new chapter of his life, and this includes his chosen career/business. But he is a perfectionist and rather insecure about his abilities. Thus he can feel the need to prove himself over and over. He can sometimes be a bit wary of your disapproval and a little distrustful of you when it comes to the business. You meanwhile may be bothered by his secretiveness. Forming a business or being executives in a company will be difficult for the two of you, but you can be good co-workers if your job is simple and well defined, with each person having their own separate and distinct part to play based on their individual ability.. While this year is a year of letting go of what isn't working for your husband in his life anymore, for you 2019 will be a year of opportunities and upheavals, ups and downs, and many BIG changes. You will have to be flexible to cope. But then next year your husband should settle into doing something that is more compatible for him and you will likely be more home-oriented and happier. One thing you must learn is to let your husband take the lead when he needs to. He must be able to stand on his own two feet without leaning on you or letting you make all the decisions. A mark of a truly evolved person is their ability to feel comfortable in a supporting role. Consider the idea that perhaps the two of you should have your own separate business or work.

    Career choices your husband might consider for 2020: he may be attracted to professions like the caring services where he can help or support others. He can excel as a manager, team leader or media representative, teacher/trainer, promoter, counselor, or charity worker. He might even possess musical or artistic talents. Unless he allows self-doubt to stop him, his high standards will make him naturally prone to success, because he can do very good work (even though he doesn’t always feel that way). He tends to offer that extra touch and to work conscientiously toward high standards. He has a deep emotional sensitivity, whether or not he shows it, and a mind that focuses and directs a profound intuitive intelligence. His desire for precision, along with his expressive and intuitive abilities, can shine through in organizational work, design, architecture, or illustration. He could be an excellent, prolific writer – he can excel at anything having to do with communication, feelings and emotion. To succeed however, he will need to get a grip on his ideals, stay practical and realistic, and keep positive. To do this, he must learn to trust himself and have confidence in his unique talents more. He must understand that he is good enough and doesn't have to keep proving it. If he experiences any lack of abundance/money, self-worth issues - unrealistically undervaluing himself and being afraid to step up and show the world what he is really worth - can lie at the source. Or he can get caught up in perfectionistic procrastination, always waiting for the perfect situation, person or job to arrive before he acts. When he comes to know and appreciate himself – and to express his true emotions – money will naturally flow towards his positivity. Around the age of fifty-eight, perhaps sooner with encouragement, your husband will reach a turning point which brings an emphasis on greater self-awareness and personal power. In some respects, these may be the years when he will feel at his happiest and best because the focus will be on his individuality.

    You career-wise may be feeling more adventurous this year, possibly desiring to travel or seek more education or a different kind of work. You are a natural innovator and may be drawn to research, art, or technology. Other work that might appeal can include photography, writing, journalism, sales, promotion, fashion, education, or the emergency services. Versatile and multi-talented, you need work that offers you diversity, excitement and plenty of opportunities to reveal your talent for appearing strong during a crisis. You also you possess high energy, healing hands, and sensitive intuition. You would make an excellent counsellor who could grasp important subtleties about your clients. When your inborn leadership and authority shine through, you can inspire others and you can find fulfillment in the field of healing or in a business that helps people. Many forms of healing exist for mind, body and emotions, including hands-on bodywork or energy work like Reiki, writing, teaching, and motivating others. You could even get involved in the business of personal growth. No matter what your livelihood, you will enjoy it most if given the opportunity to use your inner gifts, creative energies and natural sense of authority.

  • @thecaptain Thank you so much, he is everything you said he was, doesn't want to try new things, he stays in the same pattern every day. He even wakes up knowing that he is going to have a bad day. I really get frustrated by his way of thinking. I read your reply to him, I hope he takes it to heart. Thank you again.

  • @libra2222 the way people think dramatically affects their lives, so a positive attitude is vital to success. Good luck to you and your hubby!

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