Cancer man broke up with me. Is it over,m

  • I had been dating a cancer man for the last seven months. We started dated in August and became a official couple in December. we really didn't get to see each other much do to our work schedules. So it was starting to become hard. In those 7 months he's been to my home. Met my family etc. I always just got a invite outside of this home never met his mom etc. Most of our conversations were text. I started to notice I was starting all the conversations first. It was always hot and cold. One day he would be really into me. The next day we needed to take a break. Long story short in February he reached out to me saying he didn't know if he could do our relationship anymore he was undecided about alot of things. We talked about about it I told him let me know what you decide. The next day he called wanting to see me like nothing ever happened. Asking to see me. Je came over spent a few hours left. Our space grew further apart. It was another month before I saw him again. Well the other night. I sent him a message saying good night. He never responded. I woke up on the morning to a text 2 hours after I texted saying he was on his way. I texted asking where was he on his way too. He said that was last night. I said I know. Where were you on your way to. He said no where now. At that point I lost or. I'm like that message wasn't for me. You must have someone else. I've been begging to spend time with you. He took a while to respond. He says that message was for you. I was hoping you were up but you weren't. He went on to say he wasn't going to be accused of doing something he wasn't. And that I didn't trust him and we didn't need to be together. I was pissed. I just thought everything would be over. Hours went by. Neither of us said anything. He eventually reached out to me asking what I was doing. And asked if he could come spend the night with me. Since we were no longer together. I declined. And said since we are breaking up no. The next evening came. He reached out asking the same question. This time I gave in a let him come over. He came stayed the night. Got up went to work like normal. After that I let the whole day go by. Didn't reach out to him. Finally I reached out just speaking. No response. The next day still nothing. So yesterday I sent a message asking a question. I later responded never mind. I'll delete your number and wont bother you any more. He responded. Saying really and smh. So I said I tried texting you with no response for 2 days. I guy were done done. He said I told you that. I responded pouring my heart out recapping our relationship telling him I wouldn't reach out to him anymore. And thanking him for the time we spent. No response. So I dont ever plan on reaching out to him again. Has anyone had a experience like this with a cancer man. The entire relationship was confusing. I feel like their was alot of mind games and manipulation going on. I just need help getting closure on this relationship.

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