Can someone do a reading for me involving my ex husband and what his intentions are? And also if possible a career reading?

  • I am feeling lost and confused about my job search. I am working, but I went to school for something else entirely. I don't t make that much money where I am working. I'm also in a situtation where my ex husband wants to move with my kids further away then agreed to on our divorce agreement. So I am wandering what his true intentions are? Because I feel like he's making things harder on me. Im also nervous because if he moves further away it effects where I will stay with the girls when I have them on weekends. I am not sure what to do about it. Im wandering if someone can please do a career reading and maybe a reading about my ex and his intentions?

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  • tuliplily,
    The reading I would give is from your eyes and feelings, not your ex...let me know if you want it.

  • How can your husband legally move the girls away if it is in the divorce agreement that he cannot? I think he is bluffing, so don't agree - fight it!

  • Also I am feeling you will never be happy in a job where you feel a lack of freedom, like if you were desk-bound, feeling trapped or stuck in a small office where you couldn't move around or were too closed in by other people. Something with travel and meeting new people would be ideal for you. I think you have been thinking along too conventional lines. Step out of your mental box and see greater possibilities for yourself. Become even more experimental in your approach to life and less conventional. If you need to do some study or update/expand your knowledge/abilities, do so. Careers such as teaching, writing, counseling, advising, politics, coaching, or training should have an appeal. You may also be drawn toward advertising, sales - especially the promoting of innovative new products - the media, publishing, acting or the arts.

    The struggle between your desire to establish yourself and have a stable life for your family, and your thirst for adventure can be complicating and confusing for you. But this year for you is a time of endings, of leaving an old dull cycle and entering a new one next year, of tidying up unfinished business and loose ends, bringing things (and people) that you no longer need to a conclusion, moving on. Rely on your great willpower, intuition and spirituality to guide you. 2020 will be a wonderful whole new cycle for you.

  • @tarotnick yeah sure Nick 😀I would love a tarot reading. Thanks. To see where I should go for my career. I feel stuck. And to see what i should do about my kids. My ex wants to move further away with them. It's going to make it a lot harder for me to pick them up. Any reading rhat you could do for me l, I would greatly appreciate it😀. My birthday is 12-12. Thanks:)

  • Here you are,

    You are going to start something that will bring you a smile.
    You have a feeling of being tricked, like someone it getting something over you.
    There is a sadness and a separation.
    Something new is going to start.
    There is a guy who has power and is not nice and careful around him...I have a snare on my face from him.
    Some new learning...A skill or knowledge.
    You will get through it, but you are going to break a few eggs to make the omelet.
    There is hope, but don't let negative thoughts get in the way.
    A beginning of a friendship.
    Watch how you carry your pain...going through a tough time can make you stronger if you learn from it, but if you hold the negative it will eat you.
    That new learning you apply towards a new trade... feels like a smile on a new job.
    Hope that helps,

  • @tarotnick thanks. That person you mentioned , sounds like my ex husband. He can be nice, but then he pulls something over on you. When your not expecting it. That feeling of separation is probably from me missing my girls. I don't see them as much, now that we are divorced. A new opportunity came up at work, but I dont feel like I can keep up with the pace of it. So I didnt apply for the job. But I am learning more about the ine department I just srarted working in. Which I really like. I need to be able to earn more money though for bills. That negative feeling your describing is my fear. That I wont be able to do that. So it's something I wrestle with. Its also part of my anxiety disorder that I have. So I try to balance that out with yoga and some light mediatation. Thanks for the reading I really appreciate it.

  • @thecaptain I am so sorry. I didnt see this until I scrolled up. Just now. Thanks for the reading. Your right, I struggle with coming up with a new way to find myself amd earn money at the same time. I feel stuck, and not sure what to do about it. Its not a pleasant feeling to have. Also, my boyfriend would like to see me contribute more. But I'm all ready giving what I have. I'm worried he doesnt appreciate me. But I know thats just my insecurity. That's not how he feels. I'm not sure if I see myself getting into politics. It makes sense more training. But I all ready have student loans I can't afford to pay. I do believe something better is around the corner for a job. I just don't know what it is. I wander if I ever will. Do you see me having any success with nursing? I do like to help people.

  • @tuliplilly not nursing but perhaps counselling or coaching in some form? Can you yourself teach anything to others? Likewise, are there any free classes where you are for any type of study, like community classes? You need to stretch the limits of what you feel capable of.

  • @thecaptain I agree. When you say teaching, do you mean as in a elementary grade school teacher? Or more like adult education classes?

  • @tuliplilly who is this guy you saw in my reading, you said he isnt nice and he's crafty? Is this my ex husband or someone else you are referring too?

  • @tarotnick excellent

  • @thecaptain wow so much good info

  • Hi TulipLilly,

    I don't get names or faces, I pick up on feelings. The feeling was like just before a dog growls his lips goes up and you see the teeth. Keeping with this theme it felt like a big dog throwing his weight around just because he can... not because it is right or fair...

  • @tuliplilly whatever you feel drawn to ...

  • @tarotnick that is my ex husband you are describing too a perfect t. He is a guy with a chip on his shoulder. When I try to communicate with him,( for me) about our kids. He gets defensive and tries to bully me into giving him money that I dont have. Then he makes me feel bad about it.

  • @tuliplilly

    wondering if you would be interested in something like: histology lab assistant ... you might check with your local hospital. Its putting cells on slides and some file work. Ask about what other jobs or programs are available ....requirements, etc.

    if your into public education ... maybe you could teach "onlne" ... or even do "tutoring" in person or online.

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