• Hey!
    Just a quick heads up on my progress. Things are moving well here at my airline. Final check for license is scheduled for next week. Had a lot of ups and downs, but I performed wonderfully on one of the major flight portions. just one more to go once i complete two training sessions this week. Came close to quitting many times, right now i am down, but not even close to failing. hopefully all goes well and i will be done and at home next week. i will let you know how it goes. not sure if this is going to be my career company, assuming i make it. any thoughts or feelings? thanks!!

  • When you are so close to your goal, feelings of depression could be more about the fear that when you achieve it, your long hoped-for goal might not be all that you desired. But you have to attain it in order to know that. Give it your best but don't judge yourself harshly if other desires appear to supercede it. In other words, don't make anything 'life or death' - you are allowed to change your mind and you are never too old to try something new. That should take some of the pressure off.

    Well done to get this far!

  • thanks. i’m not sure if i will do it forever so to speak. i just want to pass the training and give it shot. do you see me passing? should be done next week i hope. thanks

  • @pilotguy I feel you will pass if you stay optimistic.

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