How did you know and what was your experience becoming a psychic?

  • Hi everyone,
    I am hope you will share your experience of when you started to show your psychic abilities and how you coped.

  • @jayann re-ocuuring signs that had meaning or symbolism. This site has helped w/realization by me doing readings. Realizing things happen for a reason, there is an afterlife in spirit form (spirit remains, in other words). Realization or knowing there is a God. I ask for help w/channeling. Spirit has always manifested to me since a young age. Can't let others opinions affect you. I don't do readings on the spot unless I'm prompted a lot by spirit. In which case I will. Seems the more I channel the more "response" I get which tells me the afterlife is a lot like this one. Spirit lets you know what's important to them, not so much what you may be asking for at times. I don't talk w/them. They show me. Feelings are involved sometimes regarding the circumstance. I may feel a lot of sorrow when meeting a stranger. It's not their sorrow sometimes it's spirit's. That's a glimpse of my experiences.

  • @daliolite
    ty Daliolite for replying.
    I think my mother has psychic powers as she always seemed to know when her family (not me) had problems before they did. She would phone them and they were ill, someone had died, or some other else.

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