Dating life with this mysterious guy

  • I was wondering if anyone here can give a reading about my friendship with a guy I like.

    I'm 29. My name is Chasity. Birthday Oct 19, 1989. I can add more if it will help with the reading.

  • @Soullurre
    Do you know the guy's date of birth

  • June 29, 1981 and his name is Russell.

  • This relationship is ideal for friendship and can even progress to a love affair or marriage, into which the two of you will put your whole hearts.

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  • @thecaptain Sounds good but there's a problem. He's been giving me mixed signals. Nowadays, he only talks to me when he has no one to talk to or he wants to use me. It's irritating. I know this is a numerology reading. I even searched up his Chinese astrology and Biorhythm. I'm looking for a psychic reading on what's up with him being so wishy-washy. Did he have his heart broken too many times? Is he lying to me about who he really is? I've been getting this eerie feeling like he's adopted but I don't wanna get in his business. What do you feel?

  • @soullurre I feel that Russell has indeed been hurt before because he is such a giver that other people have taken too much from him. He tends to put others before himself and can be very generous and self-sacrificing (but also insecure and indecisive). So now he is very wary and self-protective. He needs to trust you fully before he will make a move toward you.. Russell must start doing and being who and what he wants, not what others want. Once he can get past overly perfectionist judgments about himself and other people and stop imposing his too lofty standards, he will open up to relaxed and accepting relationships.

    People often think they can do something to help or motivate other people to heal but the truth is Russell has to want to get better and at the moment, he is too far inside his protective shell to come out of it. You have to be gentle and patient with him and earn his trust. At this point he is really looking for a mother substitute. But don't just give him sex or company when he wants it. He has to work for it too so be honest with him about what you want and then back off and let him consider the situation. Any pushing with this man will only push him away.

  • @thecaptain Thank you so much. He really does hide like a little turtle. I had him open up a little bit more about himself. He told me he has some past ex's who have been stalking him and he is protecting himself. I'll be patient with him and see how things continue. Much love and light to you Captain. 😊

  • Very good reading and insight! He could be telling the truth ....or not .Wouldn't hurt to take some time to "dig" into finding out some answers about him. Do you know anyone he does? His family, friends,co-workers, neighbors, facebook, etc? Don't take him at face value. I say this about every "person" - because life today has changed in drastic ways - and so we too must change and adapt for our safety and sanity. Certainly do not chase him in any form ....keep yourself occupied in your own life. I'll be watching to see how this goes. Keep searching, keep asking questions here, and keep us posted!!!!

  • need his age ...will do a one minute reading patient, takes a little

  • 3 c is your year card....the worry card, mental creativity and versatility.

    it is a highly mental card in any position, with 3 being a number of expression and variety and clubs being the suit of the mind, so it is easy for this to be too much of a good thing. when the mind becomes overactive, it needs to be channeled into constructive activity or else it gets involved in worry and 'endless circular analysis' which can keep a person from sleeping well at night. to best express the energies of this card, direct this highly creative influence into productive activities such as getting new ideas for whatever goals you are pursuing. it is not a time of making decisions as it is a time for exploring the many possibilities to make a decision later. a 3 c influence can give you invaluable ideas which can be used later to start new projects. keep a list of everything you come up with. later you may wish you could remember the great ideas you will get now.

    it is likely you will have a lot on your mind this year. the 3 c promises an active mind,full of new ideas and ways of doing things. this may stimulate you to branch out in more than one direction at the same time. for example- working 2 jobs, going to 2 schools, learning 2 or more things at same time. you have many good ideas and will be able to come up with some unique and valuable ways of doing things and looking at things. if carried to extremes you could find yourself manifesting the lower vibrations of this powerful influence in your life this year - that is worry and indecision.most people are not well equipped to handle so many things at once and yet some are, it all depends on you, to get the most from this card, write down all the great ideas you get this year. you may not be able to do them all right away,but they are valuable just the same and could be saved for later when your natural creativity is not running so high.

  • have russel's info....his spread shows a VERY strong indicator to get married by end of year, even suggests by his birthday. interesting.
    the marriage card showed up twice in his spread in powerful positions.
    the marriage card showed up in yours -also in a powerful position. BUT it does not say it will be between the two of you ...although it sure seems to be a big red flag to me.

    It continually mentioned debt worries, a secret matter, dealing with money debts owed from past that are unexpectedly wanting payment, something to possibly due with drugs or people/family/friends involved ...causing him stress and distress. mentions he is highly intelligent and a hard worker. something has happened or is going to happen to force him to make major changes in his entire life and lifestyle. he will have to sacrifice and lose a lot this year but he will realize its for his best interest in the long run and will seek out more spiritual thinking as he is unsatisfied with how his life has been. Says he would be a good husband and father and would love a family of his own. he can be stubborn and needs to make his own decisions.

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  • try variations on the number for where you live or adding the numbers together

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