• So, I'm not guessing anymore. His actions of late are very straightforward. So, now have to figure out where it goes from here. Did some digging and found out we are the same sign--aquarius. Found out a little about family and what spirit told me was true. It's good having this love in the air feeling.

  • @daliolite That's great 🙂 You have had a rough few years and deserve a little fun and romance! Enjoy it - the beginning time of a relationship is the best. So much fun flirting and getting to know each other. And the tingles!!! ❤

  • @watergirl18 Yes ty

  • @daliolite Hi Dal - how’s the new romance coming along?

  • I know he likes me. He's always at work and surrounded by the public when I see him. When he can, goes out of his way to get noticed. It's kinda akward. Other day was on my way to post office. He was few cars ahead of me, saw him pull into a business and run into it. When I got my mail stopped by his place of work to pick-up a few things and he was there. But when I drove past on way to post office his car wasn't there. Very strange. I'm gonna lay low for a while and see if he gets the courage to ask for my number as I'm not pursuing this unless something significant happens like this. Just not making any major overtures. He's gorgeous but I wasn't the one who was the pursuer to begin with. Make any sense.

  • @daliolite would be interested if your intuition is telling you anything

  • This post is deleted!

  • @daliolite, hi. I don't get anything on him other than the persistent message about money and survival issues, an orphan child of sorts. I tried pulling cards to see what they would say, but I think the cards were about my situation at work right now. I saged myself and the cards first, but still seems like they were about me. Had a big shake-up at work the past week and I was pretty angry. Think the energy has lingered....

  • @watergirl18

    aquarius ... he can be VERY romantic. My last love was such a man. Shy and afraid to talk to me at first but did all the things you mentioned ...making himself visible as often as possible...
    watching, waiting, wondering if he should approach me ...would I reject him? I never gave any clues I was into him but if he asked if I was having a good day or saying hello - I would answer and keep walking. I could tell it was killing him but I was not going to make the first move.

    ALL the women were after him, young, handsome, energetic, exciting and sexy. GRRRRR.
    Long story short ....he finally talked to me ... and things were fireworks all the time.

    As time went on he started to admit things he had lied about ...important things that would have made me not date him ...things that went against my principals ...and I do not tolerate lying. And circumstances happened that made his life unbalanced, miserable and losing jobs. Then he changed ... drastically ... being paranoid I was having affairs... saying I was lying to him, saying I didn't really want sex with him and was pretending.

    He would discuss our business with strangers, friends, neighbors, co-workers, ANYONE ...
    and then he would judge me and accuse me from what THEY would say to him. But he would be furious if i was to talk to anyone about us or him~!~ which I never did because I
    felt it was our business.

    He started wanting kinky sex ...including in the car driving down the busy streets with bright lights and cars surrounding us ...and other things ...wanting sex in public ...just got too weird for me. I started to see a personality I didn't understand and wondered if he was bi-polar or on drugs since he did all drugs when much, much younger. This was not the man I started out with.

    Need I say ...even though I loved him...I had to let him go ...actually he couldn't get moved out fast enough. So learn what you can ... jump into this KNOWING things may not be permanent BUT for the meantime IF you want exciting and fun ... enjoy the ride but know when to get off.

  • @watergirl18 Hi Watergirl! I was getting the same thing about him the survival, etc. I think it's true. Both his parents were involved in an accident when he was early teens. He works. Rentals are so high and wages aren't in keeping, as you know. Thanks for your time. Will keep in contact. Your friend.

  • @daliolite Yes, keep me posted! It's strange that this is the only thing that comes up about him when we ask. 🤔 Do you have a romantic history of getting involved with men you wind up needing to take care of in some way?

  • @watergirl18 Part of my personality is caregiving. Part is teacher, part is artist. That's how I'd describe myself. So, I guess the caregiving comes in whatever I do. I guess I naturally try to help others. I don't "mother" as I believe everyone has to find or make their way. I don't tell others what to do. So, if someone is needing someone to tell them things, it's not me. My brother in law describes me as a free spirit. That could be accurate. I've always had to work to survive and now have a few things to show for that.

  • @daliolite well maybe it’s just the Free Spirit in you that is attracting the situation 😉!

  • @watergirl18 I think he probably views me as a nice person that's easy to talk w/. I just happens we both got attracted to each other. Before I realized what happened really--BAM.

  • @watergirl18 I just need to get over this giddy feeling although don't think it's humanly possible for me--lol

  • @daliolite , heheh 😊. Yes the beginning is the best part isn’t it? People have told me in the past that I’m not grounded and I say what’s so great about being grounded? 😆

  • @watergirl18 Right! Will keep you posted. He told me today that I should plant a garden. He can come and till and I'll give him 1/2. I just need to open up. He's more open than I.

  • @blmoon BLMOON!!! I have been worried about you. Everything ok? If I can find my Alchemist thread I will send you a note 🥰

  • Wondering about Blmoon also. Would really like to ask some questions..!

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