Virgo Breakup

  • Has anyone’s Virgo man come back into their life after a break up?

    My Virgo man and I had a relationship that I felt was good. He seemed to be happy but every once in awhile we would have these arguments that seemed hard to fix.

    After our last big argument he asked me to go over to speak to him but I was at work and had turned my phone off. He apparently thought I had blocked him so he changed his number and blocked me from all communication.

    He reached out in an email and said he needed space because he had reached his breaking point. He said there were things he needed to work on and that this was for the betterment of both of us.

    It’s been about a week and I have not heard anything from him at all. I feel that despite these issues we have a deep connection and a mostly positive relationship and I’m shocked that it has ended.

    Any advice??

  • @cmag82 There is a whole thread dedicated to virgo man on this forum named -"The heart of a virgo man"
    Read it. You'll get your answers.

  • @cmag82 so you want a reading?
    if so from who?
    ps so sorry to hear of your difficulties.

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