Cancer and cancer breakup (first loves)

  • We’ve been together for 6 years, at the end I felt unloved, unwanted & as if he was focusing all his time and energy into every other aspect of his life but me. I found out he’d been speaking to a girl from work so we decided to go on a break (my decision) 4 weeks no contact and we didn’t bump into each other either, 3 days before the break was up I received a not like him message saying he needed to talk, he broke up with me his tune had changed so much since the break, It was a really nice way we ended things, we both cried and he said goodbye to my mum etc. His mum and family texted me really nice things but Then it go weird.. Our problem was he went out A LOT and spent a lot of time with friends and working, he now never goes out. I was going out every weekend and never saw him so I knew something was weird, I found out he’s still talking to the girl from work and they speak every day and both families know they’re talking to one another! I’m unsure on any other details but I can’t believe he’s moved on so fast and escpecially not with the girl he convinced me was “just a friend” and that I had nothing to worry about as he wasn’t interested “at all”. He doesn’t know I know but I know it’s time to move on now as it’s obvious he has, no matter how much it hurts I know I deserve better than that. Any tips or advice? Thanks!

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