What does these numbers mean

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  • @jayann i have found some information about house number 20... it may be helpful:)
    The Two Vibration - Partnerships

    Key Words - Gift: Romance- cooperation- balance-harmony

    Challenges-Lethargy-indifference-over sensitivity
    The Vibe

    Your two home is intent on teaching you about relationships and partnerships. You may feel it is time to settle down and crave security here. If you are in a relationship it will be make or break as you realise what it is you need long term. You do however have the opportunity to go several steps deeper into a commitment if you�re with the right lover.
    The Effect

    You are urged to find personal balance now. A balance between love and work, play and security can be mastered here. Your ability to way up situations is enhanced and you seek justice for yourself and others.

    If you were a committed singleton before you could find yourself longing to settle down and snuggle up. Suddenly you want to nest and create a cosy sanctuary for yourself and a partner. If your home is messy or unlived in you are likely to feel uncomfortable. Your intuition is likely to be increased with vivid dreams and insights.

    Relationships are likely to flow well here if they are working. If you are with someone who is not right however, you may find the courage to move on as you will not be willing to compromise in dead end relationships.
    Harnessing the energy

    The two home is the same number as the Moon so has the personality of a Cancerian

    Which makes you maternal, loving and craving security. Beware though you may be especially fertile here!

    This is a perfect choice for a couple as you will be able to become team players and form a true union. You have the chance to spend lots of time together and start a secure future based on both of your dreams and develop some culinary skills as well.

    This home needs to be decorated for comfort and affection. Create lots of places to curl up together and chill out. You can easily fall in love with this home and want everything to be just right. The kitchen should be a central place of activity as you are in full on nurturing mode.

    Pinks and greens suit this house and soft, sensual furnishings will bring out the sweetness of the two vibration.

    If you're single you may find yourself ready for a serious relationship and your two home will inspire you to find a balanced partner.

    You can flow in the right direction here being nurtured by your environment.

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  • You can run your birth date through a numerology calculator and see for yourself.

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  • @jayann 20 sounds like a good number to live in 😃

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  • @jayann
    you moved in on 23/02/1993 which is 11
    I wonder if this was a good day to move in?

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