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    Hi. I am new here and new to tarot. Lately I have been asking myself what I am here for, what my life purpose is and such. I was wondering if anyone would kindly help me interperet the cards I drew.

    I drew the 9 of Swords first.  Then I drew a clarifier: the Lovers. As a second clarifier, I drew the 8 of Wands.  Can anyone help me understand the meaning, please? I would be so grateful.

    The first card I drew worries me a little because as I understand it is about anguish and despair, perhaps stemming from oppression or conflict. If I am honest with myself, I do feel stuck on a deep level. I am in a marriage that probably isnt the healthiest, but I don't know why exactly that is. There is no overt abuse. But all of my life I have felt sort of oppressed and like I am doing what others want me to do instead of what I want to do. I have deep fears of the future and being alone.

    The second card...the lovers. This card makes me think of the love of my life and a missed opportunity to be with him. He is my love above all loves, my soulmate. I feel regret over missing the opportunity I had to be with him. We have lost all contact.

    The 3rd card the 8 of wands... i have no clue, maybe it means that once I make a decision to follow my heart, everything will fall into place and I will have a new type of energy? This is an expansive card right?

    Am I on the right track with my understanding of the cards or far off? Can anyone help me out? Are thr cards telling me I need to make a decision or to follow my heart? The 9 of swords is a mental card correct, about knowledge? Maybe it's about putting all the pieces together in my mind, working through psych issues before finding true love?

    Thank you for any help!

    My Thoughts.. 9 of Swords can speak of letting go to the Universe, releasing the worry and the pain you are feeling... Forgive yourself on many levels, this may take work to let go of the perspectives you hold from within ....

    The Lovers card can also be a reminder about finding the yin and yang from within.. find equilibrium, balance, the wholeness within . It can speak of a past love also .. a missed opportunity but it can also give you hope for the moment... maybe it is possible Your Lover has yet to step onto your path .... 8 of wands Quick fast rapid movement forward a sense of renewal, regrowth of something that has been stagnant ...

    Think about your question and how the cards answered them in context .... overall I get a feeling you have a lot of stress and worry about what lies ahead for you so this maybe about changing that perspective.... loving yourself so you can move ahead with a sense of renewal .... ( one thought)

    take care

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