May i ask for a reading about situation at my job please.

  • A week ago on Monday i worked instead of my colleague A as she was ill. This Monday i got a call from our department secretary, the lady asked me why i wasn't working again instead of A. as she was still ill, i was surprised, i didn't know i needed to do it and told the secretary. She replied that V. ( who is in charge of such replacement questions) told me about this on Thursday (that this Monday i would have to work instead of A.).

    Today i asked V. myself and she told me that she really said to me on Thursday that she would call me if A. got better and could get back to work otherwise (by default, without call) i would have to replace her on Monday. But i don't remember this! Yes, i talked to her on Thursday but about another problem.
    Could you tell me please was it my fault? As i worry about my forgetfulness ( Was it really mentioned, but i disregarded this? Or can V. be wrong?

  • @marishkaa
    maybe @TheCaptain or @TarotNick can help. From an HR point of view it sounds like V should have done things the other way around. In other words V should have told you that you will be working on Monday as A is still ill and she would phone you if A informs her she is better. I would also get a little book to make notes about what is said while in meetings with V, therefore you would know you are both on the same page.

    A visit to you doctor might be a good idea as memory problems could be a symptom of a medical problem.

    good luck

  • If it is outside the normal get it in email as documentation so you can cover yourself and you can ask for confirmation. You want me to work on Monday correct? then they have to respond and there is no confusion.

  • Hi Marisska, Won't worry about it. Similar thing happened to me recently. I think one reason I blew it off, flew by me, or whatever is because bottom line not in love w/the job.

  • Hello, thank you everyone. So i still can't remember was this said or not, but i resolved this issue partially -did some amount of tasks i was supposed to do another day.

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