Being a Cancer

  • My birthday is 6-30-76

    I am very emotional at times and at other times I am very happy. I struggled with my emotions for years but feel I have them under some what control. I am a very loving person and like to help people and sometimes outgoing. I used to allow my feelings to take over me but I got tired of living in this shell of mine. I can sometimes be to over bearing and I no that so I do not let it take over. I have studied my sun sign long and hard so that I do not fall into the "I want to stay in my safe bubble" world! I do not understand a lot of the reasons why I do some things. I guess in time.

    One thing I do no is that I am not going to allow my self to stay locked up and hide from the world because there is so much that needs to be done. Besides we are such helping people, why waist it!

  • WOW!!!! Denni52 Im the same way as u.. u hit the right button...I fight with my emotions also and it drains me alot....I just get tired of people usuing me while I give my all to them and then when i get hurt it makes me bitter for awhile...Then my trust issues die down untell i can build it back up...My bday is the same as urs besides me being 14 yrs older then well happy bday when Tue gets here...I just got hurt by a Bull and Im still hiding from the hurt but im getn out of my shell alittle at a time. I really dont know wat sign is ideal for us Cancers with out getn hurt ,lied played and cheated on...I have dated two bulls got Gemini got hurt Capaicorn hurt Aguarias hurt Right now Im tryn for a Sag an boy they are a very hard sign to catch and hold on too, hes giving me a challange..and a run for it too...but i think hes worth well us Cancerian need to take care of ea other in our downs time... so u take care of urself Denni...Tularegrl

  • Careful about sag. A female sag broke my heart. I'm often attracted to sign that are not compatible with mine. Sometimes I wish I could have been an Aries or a Sag. I personally think our society is a really bad environment for cancer but at the same time I believe cancer has the greatest capacity to fix our messed up society. Our societys trademark quality is apathy. Everybody is on some kind of substance, legal and illegal, that either alters or suppresses natrual emotion.

  • Hi Denni32,

    I have been dating someone born on your exact birthdate and i adore him, but now he is pushing me away, giving every excuse. I am the most loving, kind, sensual, affectionate and giving woman he has ever been with and he was the first to say he loves me. Then once I said it he has been pulling away from me, and pushing/pulling me. He recently said he is still thinkning of an ex (whom he works with), even though she is with someone else and she isn't a good person nor is she good fro him.

    He said he wants to be friends. I asked to see him on his birthday, made him a special rumcake and bought him a few things he really wanted. He told me on his b'day that he is very jealous, and he ahs been hurt by women cheating on him and he trusts me, but he isnt ready now because of all the hurt he has been through. I have never given him reason not to trust me. (and lately I have been chasing him)

    He said he'd call in 2 days and haven't heard from him since. (soemtimes he says he'll call and wont for a week or 2, but this is different, and I REFUSE to call him as I have always called him in the past).

    I believed him when he said he loves me and he enjoys my company and when he said he doesnt play games, but now I am feeling it was all a game to him because he was hurting and wanted to hurt someone and since I have been open and honest and gentle with him I guess I was the easy target to take out all of his anger/frustration from his previous relationships and turn it on me.

    I dont understand.

    I went to him with truthfullness and absolute love in my heart.

    can you explain any insight?

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