tarot Nick - can you please provide insight on where I am going with my ex.

  • we broke up in 2017 and have reconnected last year, he reached out on valentines day as well. I am scared to move forward although he is the one for me. where is this leading.... does he have the right intentions and does he love me... need clarity... as do not want to be hurt.

    please advice

  • Hi mshe,

    Here is a pick up of your feelings,

    Watch where you put your feelings, it may not be what you want.
    Attention to a family matter.
    There is a guy whom is gruff but means well
    A smile things turn out.
    A different guy who is mistrustful, has an edge to him...negative feeling.
    Watch your money be wise...thoughtful.
    Another guy with a good heart, a leader or has a position is watching out.
    You will have contentment.
    Your emotions will be shaky socially wise, think before acting.
    There is going to be some kind of upheaval.
    Pay attention to personal matters, look at you first, look inside you and find out what you need then pause and think about it before reacting.

    You will need to pick out this reading...there are a few things influencing you. First I would say look at you and figure what you need and why, then figure out what you want and with whom.

    Hope that helps,

  • @tarotnick Another excellent reading TarotNick.

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