My Cancer boyfriend broke up with me by avoiding me on social media messenger and phone calls

  • I am pisces and my Cancer boyfriend and i were together for 2 years and 1 month already. We have been an amazing lovers but we fight a lot in small issues. But we fight along our parents, he had been really sweet and patience with my parents but after awhile we have some other problems and right now he broke up with me saying i was too controlling and he do not want to come back to me no matter what.

  • That is fairly typical afflicted Cancer man behaviour. You are not alone in being treated this way.

  • This post is deleted!

  • my first hubby was a cancer and we were married 10 years and had 2 girls. he was a wonderful husband and father ....until the second baby came. when I found out he had been cheating, including my youngest sister ... and at least 2 other women ... I filed for divorce. he went nuts and promised to do anything to get me back. well i knew that wouldn't last long if he had been such a scumbag already. Glad I followed thru.

    Anyway... no one wants to live in constant arguing and stressful situations. And shouldn't have to. If problems could not be worked out then yes, end it.

    he was honest and up front about how he felt and how he was going to deal with it. he has a right to his feelings and to how he wants to live his life and the quality he expects in his life. this is not a loving way to live.

    consider what he said, think over the fights about the problems ... especially the parents. no one should interfere or get involved in ya'll personal affairs unless there is abuse. what could have been done or said differently want to figure this out ... so you don't go thru this again with the next man.

    accept the ending ... grieve ... know this was a blessing in disguise and grow from it. do not chase him. you can be a strong woman and move forward.

  • @badgerwoman Cancerian men can be abusive Jerks. So sorry to hear about what you went through.
    Personally I don't like cancer men. Being a cancerian myself they get on my nerves. My Father in law is a cancer and is a jerk. He cheated on my Scorpion mother in law before we lost her to Liver cancer. He was a very abusive husband at the same time manipulative and dark.

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