Help reading tarot card combinations

  • Hi All!
    I'm new to tarot and I need help deciphering a relationship outcome in a 3 card spread.

    The first card was the fool reversed, the second the six of pentacles reversed and the third was the moon.

    Is there hope for the relationship? Or are they trying to say that it is impossible. What is the spread trying to say exactly?

    Thank you for your help!

  • @hmlafave The Fool RX may look at the blockages to moving ahead, a block to starting something new... maybe someone is not quite feeling they are free to pursue something new .... Six of Pentacles RX maybe there is a sense of not giving unconditionally ....not giving freely without expectations. The Moon can speak of Dreams, facing enemies ..(are you, your own worst enemy) Facing your fears of the unknown ? ... Overall it may feel as though there are blocks in the relationship .. maybe there needs some work before challenges can be overcome .... Which deck did you use? sometimes the imagery can give more clues to the overall reading....

  • @hekatesxing I like your language skill which explains the meaning of the cards and how to relate it to your (the reader) experience and question.

  • @jayann Thank you very much ... I love working with tarot and discovering the many layers each card has hidden within it.... depending on the context of a reading, each card can reveal so much information ...

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