An experiment in love...

  • It seems to me that there are a great many people both here and on the rest of the internet looking for their soulmate. Eveyone aks about them, when will they meet him/her and what will they be like., etc. So I had an idea, taking the Law of Attraction a bit further along or expanding it, and I was wondering if anyone would like to volunteer for my experiment to attract each person's soulmate. I make no promises of success but it will be interesting - and free. You would have to be prepared however to try this idea for perhaps quite a while (unless it succeeds very quickly). It will all depend on your dedication, belief, self-discipline and determination - and of course, your patience. What have you got to lose - except your singlehood? If you have an idea who your soulmate could be or even if you don't, you can participate.

    Is there anyone who would care to try out my little idea, then?

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  • So everyone asks for love to come, but are not willing to work for it?

  • @thecaptain I don't understand what the experiment is. Yes, would like to meet my compatible significant other.

  • The experiment is about getting on the same wavelength as your soulmate in order to attract them to you. I will give more details if any interest is indicated.

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  • @jayann Love is ageless.

  • Try or even OkCupid. They have some good algorithms for dating and matchmaking.

  • @thecaptain I'm interested & would be willing to try out your experiment!

  • I will post the technique here for anyone who wishes to try it.

    Abd please don't attempt online dating - it is where the greatest scams occur. One of my own sisters has been taken by a con-man who is stealing all her money while telling her he 'loves' her.

  • Hi my name is moona ali zia I'm from Pakistan and I'm engaged i want to know my future life my marriage life because I'm worried about my fiance..☹

  • @moona-ali please begin your own separate thread in the Love forum because this is not the place for your question. Also please state your birthdate and that of your fiance. What are your worries about him?

  • OK, here's my suggestion for attracting your soulmate. It worked for me!

    Believe it or not, you are already connected to your soulmate. We are all connected to each other through our universal soul ties. But on the physical level, we are all strangers (unless of course you already know yours). So we must open the connection to our soulmate on this level. I think everyone would agree they want someone in their life who is 'on their wavelength.' But we may not automatically be attuned to our soulmate and must therefore tune onto our soulmate's wavelength in order to lead them to us, like dropping breadcrumbs or sending them a map.

    So how do we get onto our soulmate's wavelength, thereby attracting them to us?

    First step (and one not to be rushed – take a few days if necessary) is to imagine your ideal soulmate – what his/her attributes are. What they might look like, roughly. What their strengths – and to be realistic, weaknesses - may be. Decide what characteristics you desire in a partner - like a sense of humour, neatness, willpower, courage, intelligence, money, good looks, kindness, etc. Write down your list and add to or change it as time passes. Make a scrapbook with pictures of things to do with your soulmate if it helps. Once you have the absolute definitive list, move onto the next step.

    Step two: now that you have a rough sketch of your ideal partner, you can fill it in with ‘colour’. Ask yourself things like –
    What sort of clothes does this person wear, what hobbies might they have, what music do they like to listen to, what is their hairstyle like, what car do they drive or do they like walking or taking the train/bus? Where do they live - house, apartment etc? In your town or elsewhere? Distance doesn't matter - they will hear your 'call' if it is strong enough. What do they believe in? What social media do they post on? Try intuiting an answer - I contacted my soulmate through Twitter where we were posting identical articles, beliefs and ideas.

    Step three: now actually listen to the music you imagine they would like (download from youtube), delve into the hobbies they might engage in, walk past clothing stores or car lots to get an idea of their preferences and style. You are constructing a ‘mold’ of what you want in a partner, going through a ‘Pygmalion’ type of creative process. I believe this is how magic is conjured. If you find yourself chopping and changing your mind over this, go back to your list and add more to it until you can see in your mind exactly what your soulmate likes or dislikes, their lifestyle, goals, hopes and dreams etc.

    Step four: imagine yourself in different life situations with your soulmate - going out, dancing, being affectionate and kissing (and more), living together, solving problems together, travelling, etc. Make it real for you.

    What you imagine strongly enough will come true. And don't give up until you have what you want. Time doesn't matter as long as you eventually reach your goal. The passing of time is actually a good test of how much you want to achieve your goal or if it is but a passing fancy.

  • @thecaptain
    Following a new thread about Soulmates ( I started thinking about what was said in this thread.
    What my soulmate would be like
    Well for me I start with what I hear
    It is essential that I love the sound of their voice, the sound made by their vocal cords, the way they construct their sentences, the level of knowledge and intelligence unconsciously displayed in their communication,
    Is confident in themselves with the ability to mix with all kinds of people, and can cope with being told NO and life's disappointments
    Personal hygiene is also important. they must not be allergic to soap and water
    physically I would have said I like blond blue eyed guys but have discovered that if the above I there then this is not important, but I like them tall slim and fit. Fit being having physically stammer, strength, speed and flexibility.
    my soulmate by being themselves triggers me to bloom, come alive, empowers me and therefore allows me to do the same for them.
    How do you image your soulmate characteristics will be?

  • @thecaptain I just noticed you started this thread 6 months ago! What happened? Any successes? I'm not soulmate shopping but enjoy the topic. It's complicated yet simple. You must develop in yourself what you want in a mate. In that sense your vibe and energy post does overlap this. You have to OFFER your mate the same level of vibration you seek. That's why it's work! It's not a searching effort it's working on yourself to attract an equal. All the little details of a mate are just the surface glitter. The truth is we all crave finding our equal, not someone like us but at our level of vibration.

  • @thecaptain Sorry to hear that 😔

  • @thecaptain very inspiring 😊

  • I’m tryibg this out , I will let you know how it turns out!

  • @blmoon
    Please define vibration?

  • This is wonderful. I"m all in! Thank you so much for posting this!

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