What is Numerology?

  • Numerology is the mystical or divine relationship between events and numbers. In addition, every letter in names and words have a numerical value.

    One of the first references came from St. Augustine of Hippo. He believed there were numerical relationships and connections to everything. Christian authorities during that particular era did not approve of numerology. However, the interest in sacred numbers did not disappear.

    All around the world and in libraries one can find a variety of systems used to calculate numerology. For individuals who use the traditional Latin alphabet, each letter is given a numerical value. By tallying the sum value of all of these numbers you arrive at the final number. There are many variations, but this is the simplest approach.

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  • Numerology is the branch of knowledge that is related to the meaning and calculation of numbers. This is called a divine, mysterious relationship between the events of one number and one or more coincidence. It is also a study of the numerical value of letters in words, names and thoughts. It is often associated with astrology and similar divine arts as well as paranormal.
    It is an age old ancient science of India and yes it belongs to India. It is simple, logical and accurate. The best numerologist in the world cam to india to learn this.

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