Could my potential soul mate be a Cancer even though he is the water that puts out my fire?🤔

  • Hello everyone I have a few questions to ask OK I been dealing with a cancer for 4 years his birthday is July 5 is the only cancer I have ever been with....our relationship like any others has its ups an downs but lately its been rough due to the lack of communication we had going on for months and months me breaking up with him and his convinced that he was moving on and was happy with his new lady then I completely stop talking to him for 3 months and btw we have two sons that a Capricorns but yes I stop talking to him he calls me out the blue swears he misses me and wants his family he says he is wrong and basically he was pleading his case he say he never moved on he was just saying that to hurt me and etc but I was to mad and wasn't willing to accept his apology so he continued calling me like 20 times a day till I finally accepted his apology and now he dealing with some old problems he had last year that he should have been handled but yes and once again our communication slacked up and he was being indenial about something that had happened he upset me one night I hung up in his face and ignore him for a week straight he called about 10 times a day and he called apologizing once pretty much I want to know why is he always coming back to me when we first met I use to disappear on him a lot to decrease arguments and for us to have space and he always came looking for me or called all my friends and family members he wouldn't stop tll he found me and this was before our children 4 years later and he still is the same way...I love his ambition, how he makes me feel he I guess boost up my ego, he is reliable, a hard working, a great father and was there for me when I was homeless he moved me in an took care of me I just hate his bipolar attitude, his sensitivity, he is self absorbed to the wrong people, he is always in trouble when he hangs around this one person that brings him bad luck, I hate his willing not to let the past go and I don't like his victimizing other then that I love him an hope things can get better and back to normal I'm just wondering what makes a cancer man come back to the woman they broke up with all the time? does that mean he loves me or is just being a dreamer and I hate the fact he is confused and never know what he wants

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