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  • Please help my marriage is going down. I busted my husband texting and calling other ladies. I asked him he said they were only friends one of the ladies told me she's pregnant? My husband she he's never been with her but only text her so it's not true? Than there's this other lady that she calls him talk on the phone for hours more than us after we stop talking in the phone he would call her. Please help me is he cheating on me or am I being so controlling is he being honest?

  • 👋🏽 someone May have some type of an addiction..I do feel like there are many women around ur hubby.. maybe at work But one of the ladies might be hard to deal.. petty fights n arguments may arise... Someone feels backstabbed probably you I feel like you have been fighting to keep ur marriage..I also feel like he plays mind games with u.. he knows how to keep u confused.. you may just feel like walking away.. u will Have to make a decision.. ok so from my oracle cards I got u will be taking a journey packing up heading out-. Constancy says that your Feeling stuck u are looking for Answers...You maybe receiving a gift of some sorts could be material or u may get a msg with the Answers u seek... not sure if ur sick at the moment or just feeling drained fatigue headaches stomach etc I feel like all this negative energy ur hubby is bringing into ur marriage is affecting you card is Baby so not sure if ur pregnant but that girl just might be telling the truth.. I think you need to just get down to the bottom of this.. call ur husband out tell him call the woman one by one u have questions... of course he will still lie I mean u already caught him.. Have u been having nightmares or Anxiety? Cards say to guard ur resources if ur not already ... 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕🧚🏽♂💫hope this helps... wishing u the best!!!!

  • The big question is - why does he feel he can talk to these other women and not to you? This needs a sit-down honest and open discussion of your marriage.

  • @Broken-heart
    This is a big decision to make so may I suggest that you get professional counselling before to go any further. They will help you (or you both) go through your feelings, options, and consequences of your action so you are prepared for that said outcome.
    Wishing you the best outcome for you, Good Luck and Take Care. 🍀

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