Hi captain!

  • hope you’re doing well. i’m at my airline training about half way done. it’s hard but fun. lots of tears, smiles and everything in between. so far i’m doing well but it’s gonna get hard soon. i am scheduled to be finished in a month of all goes well. got the base i wanted assuming i make it through.

    do you foresee me passing and staying here or moving on to the big airlines? ill be happy here since it’s jets and a good company. thanks and hope you’re doing well.

  • I feel there will be a slight glitch in your plans but stay open to all possibilities and you will be OK!

  • thanks for the reply. kinda figured i won’t move on to the big airlines b/c of my age. is the glitch me not making it here? so far it’s going well but a lot of hard work. love it though.

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