Will the cancerian man come back?

  • I am a Scorpio girl, with little anxiety issues, with a cancerian man. Its been 2years the relationship started. I have dated a Scorpio and Gemini man in the past, and both didn't go well, with obviously lots of faults in my side too.
    2 days before me and him had a fight. Usually when we fights, I tell him I don't want to continue the relationship, but he never accepts it. I also don't have any intention to stop the relationship when I say like that, I just do that to grab his attention and concern. But this time he really said he don't want this relationship and left. The fight had some sharp words come out from my mouth, which I am sure hurt him. From then, I am blocked in whatsapp and I also didn't try to contact him any ways. I would say due to my anxiety issues there are many negative contribution I am not fully consciously giving into this relationship and I just feel that he has reached his tolerance level. I don't want him to be by my side and suffer.
    one thing, he has got no idea what anxiety is, and he haven't even bothered to know about it more. I have mentioned to him many times, I have anxiety. Both the families know about this relationship, and yes we have already decided to enter the marriage phase, soon.
    I really don't know what to do in this situation 😞

  • @novescorpgirl most of the people in our society are unaware of mental illness. I myself is a patient of chronic anxiety and depression so I get you gurl. I can act like a spoiled brat😂
    I am a cancerian myself and we have sensitive ass oh boi! We get butt hurt easily. Its very easy to hurt us with words.
    Your man is shy as we all cancerians are. You have made him crawl back inside his shell. Now he is colder than ice. You will get the silent treatment as you have hurt him with your words but I dont blame you as you are dealing with anxiety its a huge thing. You need a strong and patient man who can understand what you are going through and I am afraid your cancer man is way too sensitive to do so. You both should discuss this matter like mature adults. If he loves you he will come back and if he can't understand your problem then leave him and find someone stronger than him who can deal with your anxiety and whims

    In my opinion you should seek medical help for your anxiety because its not fair to not be able to give 100% in a relationship and to your man. As you are not doing justice to the relationship its bound to doom.. Good luck gurl.

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