Page of wands/empress rx for how someone feels about me?

  • Okay so I pulled 2 cards for how a guy feels about me, page of wands and then a clarifier, Empress reversed. Now to be clear we’re not in a romantic relationship and we weren’t working toward it either just purely sex so I know they aren’t emotional feelings of depth there but i’d Still like to know what it means in regards to how he feels in general. We had a weird sexual encounter, it was our first time and now it seems he’s ignoring me.

  • @rich-pony i see this as friends-with-benefits kind of situation

  • @rich-pony @TarotNick can you help?

  • I may not be the best person to ask because I believe in what you are feeling and what you can control. Your choices your decisions.
    You saw something that attracted you, the page of wands for me is a person who is hot or cold...loving or anger. You picked out the loving part at that moment I am guessing. The Empress reversed is a frittering away of something so not lasting. So I turn this around and ask what about you what do you feel. Do you see the qualities in him long lasting or was it just in the moment type of thing? If so enjoy what you had and if you are looking for something else...chose those types of aspects that go into that type of choice...
    Hope that helps,

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