Blmoon, May i get a reading from you please?

  • Blmoon, Hope all is well with you. I haven't been on here since they changed everything up, took me a minute to figure out how to do it. lol.
    'Life has threw a few curve balls my way in the pass three years with family and business, but all will work out i'm sure in due time. Whenever i ask for advise on things in the past, what you picked up on it came true. I thank you for that, and just anything you might feel or if you do would be greatly appreciated. Stay blessed and thanks.

  • So glad to see you here! I had just been considering giving up on this blog completely yet I do have some meaningful connections made here over the years and decided to pop in. So I guess this is why I should continue to pop in. I did not have a strong vibe for you immediately so looked up past readings. Sometimes a weak connection is on my end and I am tired but I also am sensing you are very worn out. Not funny but I'm getting a run over and dragged by a big truck! yet there you are in the road one hand raised up like saying "I'm good, I'm ok" as you drag yourself along literally one elbow at a time! No witcywoman you are NOT ok. Your optimism is stellar but reality trumps your best efforts. So, there is a concern for your health. Spirit says to be aware that turning of the pain also turns off the positive body feedback. that keeps you healthy. You are waiting for outside demands to settle down, go away but your being encouraged to take a more active role in creating what you need. Demanding what you need. Right now I sense two people who are extra needy right now....pulling at your energy. Their needs are big. Maybe their names are on that truck that ran you over? Now Spirit shows me a small crowd...maybe extended family size and they are all arguing...pointing fingers and just a lot of not getting along. You are weaving in and out of all this noise trying to bring them all together. At times you do the healthy thing and just walk away...make a vow to just be your happy productive self but then someone goes to great lengths to pull you in again. Now I see you sitting alone saying "damned if I do damned if I don't!" Spirit also shows me little chicks following you with noisy chirps and pecking at you! So I'm pretty sure the message is BOUNDARYS. You lost those and your now on defense when really you must take charge and have enough retreat and recharge to have a plan. Right now you are in survive mode. You live day to day...which is a good thing if you were enjoying the moments and living in the moments and not just surviving the moments. You are not living your best life right now. There will always be crazy outside your boundarys so really you have to be in charge of your own life. God dose not expect you to fix more than your share just because you can. Right now your focus needs to be on energy awareness. Checking in on yourself throughout the day to really take note of how you are feeling and your energy level. You tend to get that alert AFTER the fact and the recoup costs you AND if you are in downtime when the universe is handing out blessings you are off path and lose that wonderful blessing called "timing". All this being said, I get that you get all this but from that rut in the road you really can't see your way out. I don't know who these two main energies that are amuck right now but it's not your burden. There is an issue with immaturity and lack of life lesson for these two who in your mind need direction. Do give your best advice but forget trying to drive it home. These two people must learn the hard way. All you can do is protect your boundary's and keep a hard line drawn with consequences for those who can affect your life with their bad decisions. Don't be afraid to have others mad at you or not like you. Their reactions are immaturity and manipulative and they act out. You are very uncomfortable with others anger. You can feel it! I suggest as part of your way up out of your beat up rut in the road to practice nightly visualization efforts to protect yourself from "poison arrows". Others bad thoughts towards you or negative energy around you. Ask Saint Michael for protection and confidence and visualize a shield in your hand and say all poison arrows sent my way return to sender...see the arrows hit your shield and bounce off and fly away. Because you are in deep right now you must get serious about empowering your energy before you can deal with any outside problems. Your health is at a crossroads right now so you can turn this around. If you do not actively cut ties withe some energy zappers your health will force an unpleasant intervention.. What you do for yourself right now will show up in April. So take care of yourself and make some hard decisions that are not going to be well received by some others but you will feel the pay off in April. Continue with putting your needs first and in May you will cross paths with a business opportunity. It will be adventurousness but you will be up for it. You need change. Change takes energy. Stay in touch. I can help you more as you build up your energy. BLESSINGS!

  • Oh my dear. It's like you have been sitting on the sideline watching my life and listening to me. We have had conflict in family ever since my mom passed , it all started with my son and his girlfriend. her ex married into my side of family and it's been hell ever since, and on top of that their relationship has been an off and on kind of thing to put it nicely. I know it has took a toll on my mind and health i know this, but how do you not worry about your child and his future. I only try to help or give my opinion when asked and then it's like i don't understand or no that's not the way it is. I'm trying to help him keep his business going but i don't know. So yeah that's when the damned if i do and damned if i don't comes in i guess. (have said that a few times). lol. It's like i'm just pissing in the wind and it comes back on me. I do feel drained at times , but keep telling myself i got this, i can handle this. From what your saying i really don't. I'll have to say it's a little hurtful and disappointing because i always think i can fix things and make it better. but like the old saying goes, the truth hurts sometimes. I just need to figure out how to let it go and not worry so much i guess. I will definitely be talking to Saint Michael starting tonight. Blmoon, Please do not stop getting on blog, I feel you are the only one i can turn to that can and will be honest with me. I pray you know how much i greatly appreciate you answering me back. Thank you, and be blessed my friend.

  • @witchywomen
    Glad to help with clarity! And I laughed at the "pissing in the wind" remark because I did hear that but didn't type it! Keep in touch. You know what to do. It may help for you to know that these two people do not really want productive help. They are not aware of their shadow side that needs pain and drama. They do not see how they CHOOSE on an unconscious level drama outlets for pain and anger. The pain and anger are already there buried in their wounds and so until they can look outside of their victim perspective and dig deep into their responsibility as far as choices they have , no matter how many clean ups you do for them they must create another situation to express pain and anger. They are not ready yet for healing. In other words this is their journey and you can only give wise advice which they will not get and may even look offended but those words will resonate at the right moment when they do start getting it. Feed your own good health, body mind and Spirit. You didn't get your own spiritual awareness overnight. Neither will they. You earned the right to enjoy and reap your own rewards for your own hard work. BLESSINGS!

  • Im not quite sure I’m doing this and I do apologize if I’m intruding on a private conversation. It’s my first time here. A newby you might say. But I was wondering can I get a reading here? Again I’m so sorry if I’m intruding.

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    @Blmoon has not been on for 22 days.
    I think you should start a new topic and list who you want help from?
    some information helps such as date of birth and area of problem such as career.