Blmoon, May i get a reading from you please?

  • Blmoon, Hope all is well with you. I haven't been on here since they changed everything up, took me a minute to figure out how to do it. lol.
    'Life has threw a few curve balls my way in the pass three years with family and business, but all will work out i'm sure in due time. Whenever i ask for advise on things in the past, what you picked up on it came true. I thank you for that, and just anything you might feel or if you do would be greatly appreciated. Stay blessed and thanks.

  • So glad to see you here! I had just been considering giving up on this blog completely yet I do have some meaningful connections made here over the years and decided to pop in. So I guess this is why I should continue to pop in. I did not have a strong vibe for you immediately so looked up past readings. Sometimes a weak connection is on my end and I am tired but I also am sensing you are very worn out. Not funny but I'm getting a run over and dragged by a big truck! yet there you are in the road one hand raised up like saying "I'm good, I'm ok" as you drag yourself along literally one elbow at a time! No witcywoman you are NOT ok. Your optimism is stellar but reality trumps your best efforts. So, there is a concern for your health. Spirit says to be aware that turning of the pain also turns off the positive body feedback. that keeps you healthy. You are waiting for outside demands to settle down, go away but your being encouraged to take a more active role in creating what you need. Demanding what you need. Right now I sense two people who are extra needy right now....pulling at your energy. Their needs are big. Maybe their names are on that truck that ran you over? Now Spirit shows me a small crowd...maybe extended family size and they are all arguing...pointing fingers and just a lot of not getting along. You are weaving in and out of all this noise trying to bring them all together. At times you do the healthy thing and just walk away...make a vow to just be your happy productive self but then someone goes to great lengths to pull you in again. Now I see you sitting alone saying "damned if I do damned if I don't!" Spirit also shows me little chicks following you with noisy chirps and pecking at you! So I'm pretty sure the message is BOUNDARYS. You lost those and your now on defense when really you must take charge and have enough retreat and recharge to have a plan. Right now you are in survive mode. You live day to day...which is a good thing if you were enjoying the moments and living in the moments and not just surviving the moments. You are not living your best life right now. There will always be crazy outside your boundarys so really you have to be in charge of your own life. God dose not expect you to fix more than your share just because you can. Right now your focus needs to be on energy awareness. Checking in on yourself throughout the day to really take note of how you are feeling and your energy level. You tend to get that alert AFTER the fact and the recoup costs you AND if you are in downtime when the universe is handing out blessings you are off path and lose that wonderful blessing called "timing". All this being said, I get that you get all this but from that rut in the road you really can't see your way out. I don't know who these two main energies that are amuck right now but it's not your burden. There is an issue with immaturity and lack of life lesson for these two who in your mind need direction. Do give your best advice but forget trying to drive it home. These two people must learn the hard way. All you can do is protect your boundary's and keep a hard line drawn with consequences for those who can affect your life with their bad decisions. Don't be afraid to have others mad at you or not like you. Their reactions are immaturity and manipulative and they act out. You are very uncomfortable with others anger. You can feel it! I suggest as part of your way up out of your beat up rut in the road to practice nightly visualization efforts to protect yourself from "poison arrows". Others bad thoughts towards you or negative energy around you. Ask Saint Michael for protection and confidence and visualize a shield in your hand and say all poison arrows sent my way return to sender...see the arrows hit your shield and bounce off and fly away. Because you are in deep right now you must get serious about empowering your energy before you can deal with any outside problems. Your health is at a crossroads right now so you can turn this around. If you do not actively cut ties withe some energy zappers your health will force an unpleasant intervention.. What you do for yourself right now will show up in April. So take care of yourself and make some hard decisions that are not going to be well received by some others but you will feel the pay off in April. Continue with putting your needs first and in May you will cross paths with a business opportunity. It will be adventurousness but you will be up for it. You need change. Change takes energy. Stay in touch. I can help you more as you build up your energy. BLESSINGS!

  • Oh my dear. It's like you have been sitting on the sideline watching my life and listening to me. We have had conflict in family ever since my mom passed , it all started with my son and his girlfriend. her ex married into my side of family and it's been hell ever since, and on top of that their relationship has been an off and on kind of thing to put it nicely. I know it has took a toll on my mind and health i know this, but how do you not worry about your child and his future. I only try to help or give my opinion when asked and then it's like i don't understand or no that's not the way it is. I'm trying to help him keep his business going but i don't know. So yeah that's when the damned if i do and damned if i don't comes in i guess. (have said that a few times). lol. It's like i'm just pissing in the wind and it comes back on me. I do feel drained at times , but keep telling myself i got this, i can handle this. From what your saying i really don't. I'll have to say it's a little hurtful and disappointing because i always think i can fix things and make it better. but like the old saying goes, the truth hurts sometimes. I just need to figure out how to let it go and not worry so much i guess. I will definitely be talking to Saint Michael starting tonight. Blmoon, Please do not stop getting on blog, I feel you are the only one i can turn to that can and will be honest with me. I pray you know how much i greatly appreciate you answering me back. Thank you, and be blessed my friend.

  • @witchywomen
    Glad to help with clarity! And I laughed at the "pissing in the wind" remark because I did hear that but didn't type it! Keep in touch. You know what to do. It may help for you to know that these two people do not really want productive help. They are not aware of their shadow side that needs pain and drama. They do not see how they CHOOSE on an unconscious level drama outlets for pain and anger. The pain and anger are already there buried in their wounds and so until they can look outside of their victim perspective and dig deep into their responsibility as far as choices they have , no matter how many clean ups you do for them they must create another situation to express pain and anger. They are not ready yet for healing. In other words this is their journey and you can only give wise advice which they will not get and may even look offended but those words will resonate at the right moment when they do start getting it. Feed your own good health, body mind and Spirit. You didn't get your own spiritual awareness overnight. Neither will they. You earned the right to enjoy and reap your own rewards for your own hard work. BLESSINGS!

  • Im not quite sure I’m doing this and I do apologize if I’m intruding on a private conversation. It’s my first time here. A newby you might say. But I was wondering can I get a reading here? Again I’m so sorry if I’m intruding.

  • @angelarr
    @Blmoon has not been on for 22 days.
    I think you should start a new topic and list who you want help from?
    some information helps such as date of birth and area of problem such as career.

  • @witchywomen

    Blmoon gave you such a wonderful reading ...from the heart, filled with wisdom and insight and truth. We all need someone who will tell it like it is and not sugar coat it ... so we can see what we are missing and how to accurately deal with solving the problem. She has a very loving, motherly feel about her ... like a warm blanket around one's shoulders and a hot cup of cocoa or soup ... to make it all better. sigh.

    Not knowing the deeper issues but reading between the lines of your conversation ... sounds like its time (or past time) for some sudden tough love approaches ... after all "balance" requires, even demands this.

    Do whatever it takes to back off, back away, avoid, or not get involved ....let them figure it out on their own. Time to grow up ... learn own lessons, good and bad, and face the consequences of what they are created.

    This will also improve your health, gain you some respect, and give you some control again.

    Besides St. Michael ... you can also visualize a white light around yourself at any time and see it pulsating and expanding ... ask for guidance, protection, love, health, sanity ... etc.
    When you feel more peaceful and grounded let it fade and go.

    Also, if you have a mindset to do so ... you can do so for any other person.

  • @witchywomen
    Just checking in! BLESSINGS!

  • @blmoon Thanks, I had thought about trying to get in touch with you a couple of days ago, but seen where you had not been on here. I had been doing or feeling better after asking St. Michael for protection. I'm not sure what the deal is , but seems like just when things are looking up someone else wants to worry my nerves with some kinda of mess. lol. But i'm good , i had been working 6 days a week 12 hours a day, 2 of them 13 hours. I have a friend that comes in some now and works a couple of half days for me, so that has helped a lot. I'm hoping to get the work done on business we are wanting to do and get it sold. I love seeing and talking to a lot of the ones coming in , then you have these that only come when they want you to help them out for a few days or a week, but i understand things happen and sometimes you need a little helping hand to get you through. My son has been doing better, but seems like just when he is getting his life straightened out someone else wants to throw a curve ball his way, he is very out spoken (runs in the family) and most people around here doesn't like it at all. Most people think the world of him , but then you have these that are envious or jealous of him, not sure what you would call it and tries to do whatever they can to degrade him and try to get people to think different of him. Maybe it's my fault for spoiling him and his sister , they got most of what they wanted and everything that they needed, but we put our kids first before ourselves and any of the rest of them could have done the same if they hadn't been scared it would put them out of what they were going to want instead of what they needed. Please pray that he will get a job and get away from here for a little while, i think it would do the boy a world of good. We have family reunion coming up this weekend hoping all goes well. I hate drama, that's one of the reasons i stayed home all the time and stopped getting on facebook because of people being so messy. So how have you been? Hoping all has been well with you and that you have been enjoying some of the nice weather and getting to work on your beautiful roses. Thank you for checking on me it makes me feel so blessed. Praying great blessings for you.

  • Reading your conversation again sounds MUCH better than before ...your handling things and sounding less stressed. I know you are still dealing with a lot of "crap" ...but something your doing is making a difference. That's good ...means you are able to "change' your environment ....and this will rub off on everyone around you ....and send them prayers, blessings, calmness, cooperation ..etc.

    One thing got my attention though ...your son. I don't understand his situation mention him needing to get a job move away ...?? I think your saying the people there are a bad influence on him and also create a negative, bullying effect on him. If this is so, then yes, he needs to see if he can move in with a relative for awhile. If this happens he will be a completely different person .

    IF you want to and if he will let you ..... put your hands on his shoulders and both close your eyes and you say " bind, seal, and lock this child with love, protection and guidance - thank you Amen." See a white light around both of you if you are able to do so. Do as often as you can.

  • @witchywomen
    I just realized my last reading mentioned April as the month for seeing results if you followed advice and continued keeping in touch with your boundaries and your body. The family gathering will be a "mixed bag"! You will have a few insightful re-connections AND a few very annoying "this is why I avoid family!" The real opportunity is to try out your growth. You are gaining some headway with that all or nothing defense. So do not let the "pissers" distract you from the gems. Wear your drama cryptonite suit! This is where you're at and you are making progress. I too am outspoken and passionate. I was raised by a very tough father who taught me to zip it! Painful lessons! Yet as an adult I learned the golden value of not only speaking up but the discipline to know when to be silent! It's a powerful talent! My childhood was so oppressive that I swore my kids would all have the freedom of opinions! OH boy that one at times had some regrets because my house was full of smart mouth opinions! Of course disrespect was NOT tolerated but yes we were all Alphas! For your son, he must learn his lesson hands on and grow up gathering his own wisdom. Leadership is only half the equation. His goal is discipline, the cool headed, under control emotions, void of ego. He must master his ego. That's why life keeps throwing headbutts his's just opportunities for growth. Let him figure it out.Actually, grown children tend to follow your lead. Rather then advice. The more YOU master emotional discipline the more your children follow that lead. Your energy feels better. You didn't mention your health as it was a possible issue if you didn't start listening to your body. I work on that one all the time myself. I was raised by an Olympic coach. No whining, no pain no gain and pushing oneself to WIN. Good stuff but one MUST find the balance. You can not turn off all your body warnings without risking injury or health surprises. Let me know how the family gathering goes as you will have a lot to think about THAT. I see a young female either coming into your life or suddenly being a big focus. And again, for your son...and YOU...the Alpha role will ALWAYS ATTRACT Opposition and the occasional ego confrontation. It comes with the territory. HOWL HOWL! Blessings!

  • LOL .. I get such a hoot out of you girl!! Your descriptions are so funny. You are just adorable.
    I could see that cryptonite suit with a cap flying in the breeze. You can paint such pictures with words should write a book.

    As for your son ....he sounds so much like my ex husband. He has problems with MEN all the time. It is jealousy from some because the women all flock to him because he is so handsome. When they talk to him they find out he is funny, intelligent, exciting, and fun to listen to. He attracts them like bees to honey..without even trying ... he is just being himself.
    This makes the men furious because they don't like the magnitisim they see he has. They wish they were like him. These men can use any kind of emotion towards your son like negative remarks, aggression, threats, demeaning if possible, etc. My ex was so handsome he was continually asked by gay men to have sex or to send naked pictures of himself. He was shocked, hurt, confused, offended, disrespected and pissed off about it.

    His being very VOCAL is good "up to a point" ....I learned from a friend that being this way is not always a good way must use TACT...this way you are not offending, hurting feelings, or being a bully. Of course this takes discipline and courage to be an alpha ...but an alpha that is a positive example for others.

  • @blmoon
    I'm better on the health or i feel better anyhow. I think a lot of it was from stress, and man that can take a toll on body and mind. I do need to have a check up done, only Dr. i've seen in passed ten years is my gyn, I didn't think i would ever get over some crud i had for awhile but finally did, it was right along the time watergirl was dealing with it too. I'm not but 55 and feel very blessed that i don't have or have had any serious health problems, i see so many my age and younger that just can't hardly get around and has to take meds everyday. I greatly appreciate you bringing it to my attention a couple of months ago, made me realize i had to get my stress under control before it got me down. You right on family it's always a "mixed bag" with them, you don't know rather to give it a good shake or pour it out and let it be. lol. I will let you know how it all turned out, just say a prayer for me that all goes well. As far as the emotional discipline, i'm trying. I have gotten better with age , but sometimes it just pops out before i can catch it. I know that's where my son gets it from, but i be dog i think he got him a double dose. Will talk to you soon. Many Blessings to you.

  • @badgerwoman
    Yes i do put things different then most people would, but i try to put it so there is no mistake on the point i'm trying make. Sometimes i think it offense some people and that's not what i'm trying to do but guess it's a little to blunt for some of them. Thank you the comment, and yes my son is a very handsome young man everyone that meets him remembers him. He is also very intelligent always has been, so i'm hoping that he can get his temper under control and handle things in a different way. He's 31 so i hope control comes soon. lol. He has been hurt very badly from a relationship with a girl ten years older then him, she lived with him for five years he was and think he still is just obsessed with this girl. But she is one of these people that will do or say anything to get her way and if something happens it is never her fault. He hasn't really been his self since she left which has been a year now. I'm just hoping and praying one will come along and make him forget all about her, and i can have my son back to the person he really is. He might have a lot of haters but most people think the world of him , older people tell me how respectful and smart he is and that they think the world of him. Just say a prayer for us and thanks again. Blessings to you.

  • @Blmoon
    Well , it went pretty good, didn't have any bad scenes, they were a couple little things, but that is just going to be. There was a lot that didn't come which i figured that would be because of some things that happened about 6 months ago. Me and my daughter fixed a couple of momma's flower beds up that had gotten out of hand in the last year, she loved her some flowers so was trying to make her happy and to look more like her place. We had a little over hundred to show up and some good food. lol. My niece and nephew are growing up so fast , she will be 16 in less than a month and he will be 15 in about 2 months, it's hard to believe they are that old already, they are very strong kids and i pray they stay that way. She wants to be a nurse and he is taking welding and seems to enjoy it, his teacher has bragged on him and that just really gave him the big head. lol. But my husband is a jack of all trades and master of none as the saying goes, we have taught them things that most kids they go to school with has never done in their lives. It's like when our kids were in school, some kids has never mowed a yard or been able to help build something, one friend that came home with my daughter , we went out to pick blueberries that were ready and she said i didn't know blueberries grew on bushes. I'm like were did you think they grew, and she's like i just knew they came from the grocery store. Both of our kids wanted a standard when we got them a car, none of their friends could drive them because they had never driven one. It's just amazing how different kids are raised and to be in the same area. So we are hoping these two will be able to do a little for them selves in stead of having to call for help when something breaks or tears up. Keep me in your prayers please. Blessings.

  • @witchywomen
    I wonder too! I know we came a long way as a society in protecting children but I too notice how unprepared for LIFE kids can be. I grew up so different in the 60's in Chicago's Southside.. At school we were on our own on the playground and no one died. Lunch was an hour and we free ranged off the school grounds. Went to candy stores or a classmates home. Our playgrounds were down right scary by todays standards as well. We climbed tall metal monkey bars and hung upside down over asphalt. We knew how to change a tire AND jump start a battery. I cut lawns with a push mower! We hopped trains and city buses and wandered and learned quick about crazy folks. Perverts with long coats who wagged their weinies! Everyday life. I grew up with street smarts. I grew up afraid of getting the belt. There was no interventions at school for bullying. In fact we never considered it! You just dealt with it. You learned to use your head and your humor and how to run so fast your chest hurt. I learned how to watch out for danger. BY being close to it. To keep your radar up. That life was a jungle and unfair so never walk around looking wounded because you will get picked off fast. I could go on and on. You are not alone!

  • I just wanted to check in on you and see how you are doing. I've had you on my mind for a week or so now, and just wanted to check in and see how things were going for you. Hoping the heat hasn't got to yall to bad, it sure is hot here in mississippi and can just imagine how it is there. Praying all is well with you.

  • @witchywomen
    SHIT STORM SHIT STORM SHIT STORM! The cosmos is challenging at the moment. This too shall pass. Hope you are staying strong! Thanks for thinking of me!

  • LOL. You take care during that SHIT STORM, and will check on you in a few days. I'm praying this weather we suppose to get will not make my shoulder start hurting again. Take care my friend your a BLESSING to so many of us.

  • Hey Blmoon, wanted to check in on you and see how you were doing? Hoping you are not in direct line of fire for the storm that is coming in on yall. I'm sure you have family and some where to go if need be , but if not my parents home is empty. I know it's a long ways from you and we really don't know each other, but just feel like i need to offer it for you. It's a little country community so no one would bother you. You have helped me so much over the past few years, just want to try and keep you safe. Stay safe and will be praying for yall's protection from the storm.

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